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 Character Sheet: Lloyd Sandor

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Character Sheet: Lloyd Sandor  Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet: Lloyd Sandor    Character Sheet: Lloyd Sandor  Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 1:30 pm


Stability/Health: 380

Shields: 20

Patch Rate/Regeneration Rate: 3/5

Race: Augmented Human

Name: Lloyd Sandor

Face Claim: Character Sheet: Lloyd Sandor  Latest?cb=20120723155925&path-prefix=pt

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Description: Face like pic, muscular body, fit for constantly carrying around his Fuel Rod Cannon. Is often quiet, choosing not to speak unless spoken to.

Backstory: A product of many experimental augmentations, Lloyd Sandor began receiving enhancements at an early age as part of a program directed by a secretive organization. The exact number of modifications made to Lloyd, as well as a number of other children, number well in the dozens. The intent for these experiments was unknown to the children, but they didn't really care anyway. They just wanted freedom. One day, when Lloyd was only 15, he and several other children hatched a plan to escape. After months of meticulous planning and preparation, they finally made their move. The plan went perfectly, and these children escaped the facility where they were experimented on. The group decided it best to part ways, so they split up there, never to see each other again. Now Lloyd, 13 years after escaping and living on his own, has felt what it is like to live in a world with Safeguard programming, and feels he should do whatever it takes to save this world that has both treated him cruelly and kindly. (tl;dr: Abducted, experimented on, escaped, lived by self for 13 yrs with a little interaction with other people, decides to save net sphere)

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185lbs (dem muscles/augments)

Energy Module: Electromagnetic Wave Preservation Device: Stores energy from ambient electromagnetic waves. takes a while to fully charge, or can be fully charged by applying concentrated electromagnetic waves into it directly. (3.25 energy returned/turn in combat if idle, 10 if you spend a turn to charge)

Starting Weapon:

Main: Fuel Rod Cannon- From HALO. Uses special mass produced nuclear fuel rods as ammunition, contains (4) rounds per "clip". Each shot, when it connects, unleashes a devastating explosion on the target. Rounds bounce off of environment if round has not traveled more than 10 feet.

(Takes 1 turn to reload fully, explosive radius is 20 sq. feet with 35 sq. feet being decay radius, which does DoT) Max ammo capacity is 12 rounds but you can make them in combat (4 made/turn) If it hits directly on a target, consider 9/10 enemies as disintegrated, including brandon. 10 energy/clip to make

Side: Dominator- A weapon resembling a high-tech pistol, this weapon has three settings to it: Non-Lethal Paralyzer, Lethal Eliminator, and Destroy Decomposer.

-As it sounds, the Non-Lethal Paralyzer is a blast of energy that is meant to paralyze the target (Organics only).

-The Lethal Eliminator, also for organics only, is a mode where when someone is shot by a round (burst of energy), everything behind the impact is annihilated, usually after a 2-4 second delay. If a limb is shot, that limb will be destroyed, possibly not killing the target, but leaving them severely wounded.

-Finally The Destroy Decomposer, meant primarily for inorganics, is an excellent anti-material round. A blast from this is meant to completely disintegrate anything in the path of its round (The round is a circle with a diameter of 5 feet). Due to the massive power consumption of the Destroy-Decomposer mode, the Dominator is only able to fire off 3 rounds of it before needing to recharge.

(10 energy for 1st mode, 15 for 2nd, 25 for 3rd)

-Gravity Hammer (Because HALO good.) Lloyd's go-to weapon in close quarters (If it's allowed.) (Is slowish, high damage but you get a -2 roll on evasion after use [basically it's slow as fuck so you're vulnerable after your attack, so I'm going to roll more against you when you use it.]) Has a minor draw-in of 50 feet that pulls small objects towards the area it hits, so be creative as fuck with that (Won't work on anything over 100lbs)

Starting Augment:

Backup life (if you die you can recreate your body after a certain amount of time at a station, usually located in a settlement.)

Shield Boost (Basically +10 to base shield level without taking away energy)

Alignment: Wants to save Net Sphere, but on his own terms, unpoliced. (Chaotic Neutral)

Tech. Ability: 25
Strength/Fortitude: 20
Speed: 13
Charisma: -4
Energy: 30

Force Augment:
Electromagnetism: 2 (Recharge Dominator(?)
Nuclear: 7 (Modify Fuel Rod rounds into powerful MIRV rounds. Initial blast does 1.5x dmg, which then bursts into 6(?) smaller rounds which shoot in direct lines from the detonation {up, left, right, down, NE, and NW}, Can only make these out of combat, and can only hold 4 rounds (so 1 clip of extra powerful ammo)
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Character Sheet: Lloyd Sandor
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