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 Nathanial Holtzclaw

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PostSubject: Nathanial Holtzclaw   Nathanial Holtzclaw Icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2015 11:03 pm

Stability/Health:(7x Your strength, minus 20x Your regeneration rate.)

(base/max starting)Aug. Human: 235

Shields: 10

Patch Rate/Regeneration Rate: 5/5

Race: Augmented Humans

Name: Nathanial Holtzclaw

Face Claim (I wouldn't recommend a picture because of nature of the race, but to each his own):Nathanial Holtzclaw Kougami.Shinya.full.1315485

Gender: Male

Age (Nothing over 500 years): 256

Description: Looks pretty much like the face claim, except since he's an augmented human he has metal augments protruding from his arms and legs. This are more of metal indents in the skin than protrusions.

Backstory: Roy started off in the village of Fire under his sector's Emblem. He had his mind thrown into his new body very early on in life, and he's here to kick ass and be a cop and stuff. (Will edit later when inspiration hits)


Weight: 210lb

Energy Module: How you gather energy:

Nuclear Fission Device: Contains and breaks atoms to store the released energy. Takes time but regenerates more energy at once than the other options. [so I roll an 8 sided die 5 times, and you get the energy that they add up to at the end of 5 turns.]

Starting Weapon:

C.S.G. (Controlled Singularity Generator): Nathanial's trump card, a shoulder mounted device that creates an isolated point of intense gravity on any surface. This draws everything around the point inwards with extreme force, emulating the effect of a singularity.

(10 energy/turn or/use, if you don't hold it in the same place. Won't draw in anything that's hypermassive, and enemies using high gravitation will be able to counter it through mumbo-jumbo magic bullshit) 10 cost if shot, 20 if field(because its both) +10 per turn following.

Gaussian Hand cannon: A device fashioned much like a gun that forms metal that comes into contact with the hilt into a steel ball. This ball can then be perpetuated forwards by a series of magnets to increase it's velocity exponentially, becoming a deadly projectile.

(Can fire twice/turn, but requires 5 energy/shot. Moves at 4000 fps)

G.F.M.D. (Gravitational Field Manipulation Device): A series of small device that can manipulate the direction and intensity of gravity.

(4-16 energy to maintain depending on intensity)
4 is low
8 is med
16 is high

Starting Augment: Choose 2, Delete anything you didn't choose

Aug. Human Specific:

Flight (same as safeguard but silicon life can't fly): Flight is enabled by anti-gravity nodes placed at intervals throughout Nathanial's body.

Backup life (if you die you can recreate your body after a certain amount of time at a station, usually located in a settlement.)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Stats:(80 points, 1 is base human level for everything except charisma, which is just normal. Just assume everything is arbitrary and ask me to come up with shit)
Tech. Ability: 25
Strength/Fortitude: 5
Speed: 5
Charisma: 30
Energy: Base 30

NEW: Your force also now determines how energy is gathered

Gravitational: 5

Super Conductor: Manipulating the molecular pull between atoms, this augment can cool the space between the user and the floor to near absolute zero, creating a friction less track that they can slide across, up surfaces, and on walls.

(10 energy to create the surface, and requires a turn to create, but can be done while shooting and such [like with other things in this game.] Surface max size is 30 feet in whatever direction unless you use more energy (do math, 30ft for every 10 energy) and people will slip on it unless they have at least the equivalent of 5 gravitational points.)

Nuclear: 4
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Nathanial Holtzclaw
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