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 Character Sheet: Maximilian Duke

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Character Sheet: Maximilian Duke Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet: Maximilian Duke   Character Sheet: Maximilian Duke Icon_minitimeWed Jul 01, 2015 10:13 pm

Stability/Health: 435

Shields: 10

Patch Rate/Regeneration Rate 2/5

Race: Augmented Human

Name: Maximilian Duke (Max for short)

Face Claim (I wouldn't recommend a picture because of nature of the race, but to each his own):
Character Sheet: Maximilian Duke 287406-final-fantasy-vii-advent-children

Gender: Male

Age: 150





Energy Module: Kinetic-Gravitational Bullshit Physics Force Device: Gathers energy from continuous movement. Better the higher the gravity is. Movement augments still consume energy. Obviously doesn't retrieve energy when you're not moving. (20 energy/turn you run or jump in, goes up or down depending on gravity. For you, you can instead channel energy into the glove for a charge, but then you will not get energy.)

Starting Weapon:

Gravity Displacement Blade- Manipulates generated kinetic energy and stores it in the weapon. When the weapon strikes, the energy is discharged into the struck object, heavily amplifying the force and usually causing extreme knockback.  

(Requires movement to be had ahead of time, so you basically need to run for a turn to gain energy. Gets stronger depending on speed and length of movement. Holds 1 charge by itself. 0 charge it's just a sword, albeit far stronger since you have high strength. 1 charge would cut through most enemies without shields, 2 would severely damage shields, 3 would destroy shields and destroy or highly damage the enemy, of course bear in mind some enemies will be tougher but this is anecdotal)

Zero Gravity Field Grenade- Throws a grenade that expands and emits a {30 yds.} of zero gravity for a few turns or whatever. Can be retrieved, and is also charged by kinetic energy.

(Uses and holds 1 charge by itself. 1 charge is 2 turns, 2 is 3, 3 is 4. Will be less effective against flying targets and other targets with gravitational augments, and enemies are not completely defenseless but mostly are.)

Energy Glove- Absorbs kinetic energy from a distance where the palm is facing and stores it in the glove where it can be later discharged (similar to the sword).

(Is now charge based, you charge it and it holds a max of 3 charges, each can be used to put energy into either the sword or grenade, or be used to use the glove. Can use all 3 charges at once in any weapon to maximize potential. 10 normal energy to activate either the charging or use, takes 1 turn to charge but charging can be done at the same time as attacking with another weapon (so you can charge the hand while slicing with the sword, and you can even use a charge from the glove in the sword, however you cannot say, have 0 charges, then charge the glove and use the charge in the same turn, nor can you use the glove itself while charging. The field in front of the glove is cone-shaped. )

Starting Augment: Flight (Internal machine that creates a localized field of gravity, allowing Max to manipulate its direction, thereby achieving flight, even in his zero-gravity zone)

Speed and strength

Alignment: Kill enemies who oppose me and destroy that bitch ass net sphere.

Tech. Ability: 1
Strength/Fortitude: 15 (+10)
Speed: 40 (+10) (0-100 in 1 sec burst, max speed of 450mph)
Charisma: 10
Energy: 29 (Is effectively stamina, however if you take damage while your shields are up you lose more energy than normal. If you go to 0, all non-conventional weaponry will cease working, shields will go down, and things such as flight and super speed won't work.)

Force Augment:

Gravitational: 9

Kinetic Shield Amplifier- The faster Max moves, the stronger his shields are. (At 100MPH, your shields block 15 damage/shield instead of 10, and goes up an extra 5 dmg./ 100mph, 1 dmg/ 20mph. )
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Character Sheet: Maximilian Duke
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