Innate nations Game in medieval time
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PostSubject: Marth    Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:11 pm

*Name: WIP

*Race: Were-bat

*Face Claim:


*Gender: Male

Age: 1087


*Backstory: Has a fondness for music. Hung around the Romans for a long time and studied various philosophy and astronomy, as well as theater, art, and music. Was a slave. Became a werebat after a strange roman doctor/philosopher experimented on him. Subsequently killed doctor, went into hiding for many years until he discovered music which brought him out of his animalistic form and back into a human mindset.

Height: Normal 5'8, bat form 8ft

Weight: 120 lb

Black shirt(+1 sneak)
sandals(with adjustable straps)(no effect)
hood (that he doesn't always wear)(torn and falling apart)
pants (with a belt that slide off)(+1 evasion)
black leather gloves(ripped and falling apart)

Small hand harp (usually strapped to his back)(no effect)
String & Needle (two uses left)
Wax(for earplugs)(completely nullifies sound when used)
Knife(strapped to his leg)(rusty and dull)
3 silver coins

*Transformation: Werebat (picture)

Abilities: Ear-piercing screech (Ridiculously high-pitched sound transmission that can shatter eardrums and disrupt equipment.)

Bat manipulation (I can use bats for things. Probably not that useful.)

Extreme near-precognition (my ears are able to detect the smallest movements and sounds instantaneously, and while I may not be able to dodge all of them I can hear them coming the moment they begin moving.)

Trait: Echo Location (I know where most shit be. Basically I can detect anything near me. This includes whisper location [] I can also use this with my wings, so closing my mouth doesn't stop it.)

Frequency Detection (I can hear any frequency by changing the shape of my ears. I can do this faster than you can blink.)

Lycanthropic Empathy (bats)

Can't eat meat or blood


Alignment: Neutral good

Stats:(You get 76 points to spend in this area. You must have at least one point in each stat, and you don't have to use all of the points. Max you can put into one stat is 20, before age factors in. Additionally both races suffer reduced STR, DEX, and CON during the day.)







Lunar Counter
3 - Stat Increase:
5 - Base Stamina Loss Reduction
6 - Stat Increase:
9 - Ability Upgrade:
10 - NEW Ability:
12 - Stat Increase:
15 - Stat Increase
15 - Ability Stamina Cost Reduction:
16 - NEW Trait:
18 - Ability Upgrade:
21 - Stat Increase:
24 - Stat Increase:
26 - NEW Ability:
27 - Stat Increase x 2:
30 - Stat Increase:
32 - NEW Trait:
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