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 Illia Maxwell

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PostSubject: Illia Maxwell   Illia Maxwell Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 4:11 am

*Name: Illia Maxwell

*Race: Werebeast

*Face Claim: Illia Maxwell Leone-wallpaper-leone-akame-ga-kill-38316897-1024-576

Class: CQC Terror

*Gender: Female

Age: 23

Description: Looks like a normal human until transformed

*Backstory: Illia was a controversy the moment she was born as the result of a secret romance between her mother, the daughter of a wealthy man, and a rogue werebeast. Illia's mother prayed that her child would turn out normal, but was horror-struck when her child was born with lion ears. Enraged, Illia's "grandfather" had his daughter executed on the spot. Before he could get to the child, however, Illia's father broke into the manor and slaughtered everyone within, save for the child. He vowed he would raise the child and teach her how to properly control her power. After years, Illia's father decided it was finally time she set out on her own, and see the world. With her father's knowledge instilled in her, Illia is ready for whatever awaits her.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 144lbs

Leather chest piece(almost broken)
cloth pants(normal)
leather boots(no fall damage)
scarf (black and white)(-1 evasion)
shades(+1 hit chance)

Backpack(5 slots)
-Area map, local map, outpost inventory, logbook
6 silver coins
bandages x2
water(one weeks worth)
meat(1.67 days worth)

*Transformation: Lion. Gives increased agility and strength I'd assume.

Maul- Maims the target with claws, causing heavy bleeding and damage over time (moderate cost, bleeds for same damage over time rounded up to nearest multiple of 3)
Rallying Roar-Illia lets out a ferocious roar, inspiring her and her allies. (slight bonus to team damage) (low cost, 1d4 turns: at least 2, 1d4 damage: at least 2)

+2 Strength (I already added it in)
Night Eye- Thanks to being a feline, gives better vision in the dark, allowing for easier hits (Bonus to hit roll at night +3) (maybe three)
Lion's pride- Illia always fights full potential, and tries twice as hard when things seem against her (debuffs don't last as long, 1/2 duration)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Strength: 16
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10

Lunar Counter: 5
3 - Stat Increase: Str.
5 - Base Stamina Loss Reduction
6 - Stat Increase: Str.
9 - Ability Upgrade: Maul (more bleed dmg)
10 - NEW Ability: Reap - If target is below 35%hp, this vicious claw-based attack will do 150% normal damage
12 - Stat Increase: Str.
15 - Stat Increase: Str.
15 - Ability Stamina Cost Reduction: Maul
18 - Ability Upgrade:  Reap - If target is suffering from bleeding, damage is now 180% normal damage
20 - NEW Trait: Reflex - +1 to evasion rolls
21 - Stat Increase: Dex
24 - Stat Increase: Dex
25 - Ability Stamina Cost Reduction: Reap
27 - Stat Increase x 2: Dex, Dex
30 - Stat Increase: Dex
30 - NEW Ability: Savage Strikes - Illia lashes out with her claws several times. Each attack does normal dmg but each suffers less than average hit chance. (High stamina cost since this has the chance to do a lot of dmg)
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Illia Maxwell
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