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 3.5 Ferris Smith

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PostSubject: 3.5 Ferris Smith   3.5 Ferris Smith Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2015 7:05 pm

Name: Ferris Smith

Alias: Ironhide

Languages: English

Face Claim: 3.5 Ferris Smith Char_20668

Race: Parahuman

Brute 2
Blaster 3 (+2)
Striker 4 (+2)

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Description: Scars on his arm and shoulder where he was shot; muscular.


Ferris always liked to help people, ever since he was a kid. Some say he got this from his blue-blood father, so it was no surprise that his propensity for loaning pencils in class, which he didn't care all too much for, grew into a full pledge of service to others in the police force. He easily rose above his comrades with regard to physical aptitude, and so he was often counted on in dangerous situations when push came to shove. He became quite known in police and crime circles alike for his skill. This came to haunt him later, several years after he had become an officer.

Ferris remembers the events as they happened relatively recently: he was at his home, tucking in his two children for the night, when he gets a call on his cell phone. It was from the police force informing him that their undercover contact had found information on an organized criminal strike against Ferris. They told him that they could be there any minute, and backup was several minutes out. Instinctively he blockaded the front door with the refrigerator and told his family to hide in the master bedroom. Scarcely had he retrieved his Glock when Ferris heard glass breaking downstairs; gunmen smashing through the windows.

He knocked over a piece of furniture for cover and fired at them as they came up the stairs, taking out the first, second, and the third, suffering a gunshot wound to his arm. His accuracy failing, Ferris exhausted his magazine on the fourth, whose own shot connected with Ferris' shoulder. He collapsed on the floor, nearly unconscious as the other two men climbed over his presumably dead body and attempted to enter the locked master bedroom. Ferris, barely able to lift his arm, thought that all hope was lost, as he pulled the trigger and the hammer clicked harmlessly; out of ammo. The two men turned in surprise as Ferris shouted; the gun formed into a metal stake and shot out from his hand at the speed of a bullet, shattering the first man's skull and impaling his brains to the wall. The second looked at his comrade in shock and fear as Ferris, with his left arm, grasped a decorative iron pot, converting it into a dense ball, and threw it with the force of a cannon through the criminal's chest and all the way through the wall. As this man fell to the floor, dead, Ferris crawled his way into the bedroom, struggling to unlock it. His wife barely noticed his injuries, for she bore a feeling of dread: "There's a bomb! Explosives!"--a followup call from the police station, bombs on the attackers in case bullets didn't work. Timers: mere seconds. Only time to run, as he and his family, who were supporting Ferris, scrambled down the stairs to the front door, which was blocked. In one motion Ferris pulled his family together and turned, launching himself backwards into the refrigerator, which wrapped around him and his family like paper, just as the bombs went off, sending debris in all directions, harmlessly impacting the metal shell.

When Ferris woke up in the hospital, the police informed him that it took the Jaws of Life to free him from that "coffin," and that it was amazing that he managed to fit himself and his family in the refrigerator. When he explained what really happened, they didn't believe him at first, but when he practiced and later demonstrated the technique by jumping through a car door to shield himself from gunfire as he charged a meth lab, they nicknamed him "Ironhide."

Ferris is currently patrolling in his police car in the vicinity of the World Trade Center.

Height: 6’2

Weight: 175

Glock 19.1(experimental military tinker sidearm, very high quality)
Police cap(normal)
Wallet(you broke nigga)
Watch(14k$ tinker made)
Long-sleeve shirt(worn)
Tennis shoes(new)

Cell phone(nokia original, only calls)
Ammunition (9mm)(2 magazines)
Snacks(pop-tarts with bits of red licorice, gummy bears, and soft jolly rancher candy. Tinker food experiment)
Water bottle(full)
Backpack(1 slot)

Solid Frame (Brute 2)
Human Railgun (Blaster 3) (+2)
Man of Steel (Striker 4)  (+2)

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation:
Solid Frame: Extra strength and resistant to vacuums. He still needs his armor to survive long in a vacuum, though. Also he can survive on low oxygen.
Human Railgun: Can electromagnetically charge particles, usually metallic ones, to blast them off at high speeds. He can fire a cannonball without gunpowder by using his power. He can even fire metal shards off of his “armor.” However, he has to be in close proximity to the metal for this to work. **Maximum size of projectiles and maximum speed dramatically increased, fired objects the size of cars can break the sound barrier after charging for about two seconds. Can charge longer for more effect. Also, he suffers almost no recoil.
Man of Steel:  Can touch metal to manipulate it, bending, breaking, and twisting it to his will. By simply jumping through a metal wall, he can conform the material around his body to form a close-fitting suit of armor that moves as he does. He can even reform even this at will, converting it into a barrier almost instantly.  Another example is shoulder-barging a mailbox and turning it into a solid, shield-shaped barrier, or crushing a car into a ball. However, he has to physically touch the metal to move it, and he can’t affect things out of his reach very well even if they are connected to metal he is touching. **Can now steadily transform matter into metal by touch, can also bend and move further portions of the metal he's touching, e.g. bending the corners of a steel door by touching its center.

Alignment:  Lawful good: A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty. A Lawful Good nation would consist of a well-organized government that works for the benefit of its citizens.


Strength 17
Dexterity 7
Constitution 17
Intelligence 5
Wisdom 11
Charisma 13
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3.5 Ferris Smith
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