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 3.5 Flynn Angell

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PostSubject: 3.5 Flynn Angell   3.5 Flynn Angell Icon_minitimeThu Oct 01, 2015 8:58 pm

*Name: Flynn

Alias: Angel

Languages: English

*Face Claim:3.5 Flynn Angell LKiBlJz

3.5 Flynn Angell Commision__devil_trigger_kyero_by_seig_verdelet

Race: Parahuman

Changer 4 (+4)
Brute 2
Brute 1
Brute 1
Mover 1

*Gender: Male

Age: (20)

Description: Similar. Mask covers whole face. Two horns on top instead of one. Armor is more craggy looking. Feet aren't claws. Sword is on the right arm and flat and protrudes over the hand along the arm. No tail.

*Backstory: Far from the normal, Flynn was always freakishly strong. As a child, he was always the outcast of the group, as he would always hurt the other kids by accident. It's clear that anybody growing up that way would have a warped adolescence, and Flynn was no particular exception.

At 14, he was on his way to being another delinquent statistic, having no friends and spending his days skipping school and breaking windows. It wasn't until a week before his 15th birthday that something changed when he was hit by a car while walking along the road.

Of course he survived, utterly unscathed except for a huge craggy growth on his side where he'd been hit. The car was more crumpled than he was. That was how he discovered his power.

In game, he's currently eating lunch in Stage Door Pizza near the towers.



Brown steel toe boots(new)
Brown gloves w/ steel on the knuckles(normal)
Dark reddish pants(very high quality, could easily sell for 800$+)
Black t-shirt(worn)
Blue zip-hoodie(worn)
Switchblade(military grade) how did you get this

Gum(4 pieces of juicy fruit)
Water bottle(full)
Burn cream(unopened)
Phone(whatever phone you want)
Rations(two hamburgers)


Changer 4(+4): Armor grows onto the body over 5 minutes, can be controlled to just cover one area. Hair turns fiery red, eyes turn red, body is covered in red-plating like armor. Face and head covered as well in a mask with horns at the top. Wings that give flight in the back. Armor can block bullets, explosions, protects body from heat. Has a blade-like protrusion on the left arm. Armor is naturally warm and increases in heat if Flynn wants to heat a specific area, can reach extreme temps. Blade can be made to become white-hot and cut through metal and such.

Form 1 - Base form, same as above
Form 2 - More elongated body structure, thicker armor, claws. Burn resistance increased. New Ability: Flame Cannon. Can shoot flame from palms. Limited duration, will burn hands severely if left alone.
Form 3 - Body elongated even further, total height now 10ft. Horns curl over and enlarge. Grow tail, long and bladed at the end. Armor is incredibly hot and very hard, standard ballistics are non effective and tank piercing rounds are only mildly so. Burn resistance increased by large margin, can now withstand up to 6000 F direct heat before user is burned, but body will still begin to burn if armor is heated. Speed and strength increased.
Form 4 - Dragon. Grow to 20ft from tail to head. Armor is resistant to most ICBMs. Fire can be sprayed from the segments in the armor. Claws. Can now resist temperatures up to 15,000 F. Body is no longer burned by armor usage. Strength is now enormous, can easily toss 4000lbs and bench double that. Speed breaks the sound barrier. If the temperature of the armor ever drops below 1000F, form is lost. **Armor is as hard and strong as Carbyne**

Brute 2: Muscles and bone structure greatly enhanced. Reflexes enhanced. Can use the strength of his muscles to move faster. Skin is highly resilient.

Brute 1: Spacial Vacuum Resistance

Brute 1: Healing factor

Mover 1: Gives Flynn's muscles the ability to force his momentum forward, allowing him to move much faster than normal and jump higher (undecided on numbers). He also has the ability to increase his own momentum artificially.

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation(ie: what the power does):

Satan armor: Damage taken while wearing the armor won't be immediately be apparent, as pain is dulled. Skin burns on arm if the armor is heated up for whatever reason, but can be healed with healing factor.

Momentum increase: Can't be slowed or changed of direction, so if you put to much forward and miss then you'll keep going until you stop.


Chaotic neutral: A Chaotic Neutral character is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although Chaotic Neutral characters promote the ideals of freedom, it is their own freedom that comes first; good and evil come second to their need to be free. Chaotic Neutrals are free-spirited and do not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others. A Chaotic Neutral character does not have to be an aimless wanderer; it may have a specific goal in mind, but its methods of achieving that goal are often disorganized, unorthodox, or entirely unpredictable.


Strength: 20
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 8
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3.5 Flynn Angell
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