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 Alien God; Kohath the Prince of Saturn

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PostSubject: Alien God; Kohath the Prince of Saturn   Alien God; Kohath the Prince of Saturn Icon_minitimeTue Dec 15, 2015 11:11 pm

*Name: Kohath

Alias: Prince of Saturn

Languages: English, Pryphen(the language of Saturn)

*Face Claim: Alien God; Kohath the Prince of Saturn Rqrjj

Race: Pryphen Noble

Race Description: Pryphen tend to live the same lifespan as they age at a very slow rate compared to humans, this makes them age the same rate earth year. 19 Years on earth is 564 on Saturn, but due to the very slow rate of aging, Pyphen live long 2300 year lives, roughly 80 years in human measurements. These aliens are a type of mammal. They have two arms and two legs, but they have no tail. They are humanoid.

They have three eyes which sit in a strange triangular position. The common folk tend to have various colored eyes, while the nobles have white eyes. Their eyes have no pupils but they are able to see regardless.

Their ears are thin and long and their hearing is great at distances. They also have horns that vary in size and number on their head.

Their skin is thin and fairly strong.
Their skin colors are mostly of yellow and green, which tend to become lighter as they age.

The males are usually faster than their female counter part and their colors are more vibrant. The females, however, are usually weaker.

Breaker:  20

*Gender: Male

Age: 564(19 in human years)

Description: Same as picture, but yellow, four horns instead of two, and a third eye in the middle of his horns.
Kohath is an average Pryphen, his four horns curve around his head making him look edgy. All three of his eyes are milky white, proof of his nobility. His body is thin, yellow, and lanky, however this does not inhibit his strength.

*Back-story: Kohath is an inhabitant of the planet called Pryph, or Saturn as the humans know it. His father , Uranus, the king of Saturn, having been mortally wounded fighting his mortal enemy, gave Kohath the sweater that grants him immense power. It is said that only those who are worthy can wear the sweater. Kohath continued to mold Saturn in the way that he wanted after his father's death, eventually he became capable of knowing all that the planet is.

Height: 7'

Weight: 200lbs

The atonement of Uranus(Blue Sweater)
Uranium Crown(glows slightly)
Loincloth(that hangs down to his knees)
Khopesh(in its sheath)

x2 Explosive javelins (strapped to his back)

Breaker 20: Clothing Empowerment, Kohath gains powers from wearing clothing.

Changer 10@: True Form, When Kohath wields his sword he is transformed into his [True Form]. While in this form, all of his stats are increased, and his appearance changes.  One rings similar to Saturn's appears diagonally from his left shoulder to his waist, his height is also increased to 25ft and his weight to 2500lbs. The number of his horns doubles to eight, his hair grows longer and now reaches his waist, and his skin changes to dark red(like in the picture). While in this form he is able to travel at mach 2, his combat speed is mach 1. While not in this form his travel speed is mach 1 and his combat speed is 500mph. He is able to lift 6500lbs easily in this form. He is able to casually sustain and regenerate from nuclear explosions while in his true form.

Breaker 8|: Royalty Empowerment, Kohath's reflexes, strength, speed, and durability are increased.
Mover 12+: Unrestricted Movement, Kohath is able to move effortlessly in any/all environments and conditions.
Breaker 14-: Core-Reliant Regeneration, Kohath will regenerate from any wound so long as the tag of his sweater remains attached to the fabric of the sweater.
Breaker 16-: Planetary Lordship, Kohath has complete control over saturn and an unlimited terrain, oceanic, and aerial influence over the entire world, he can also sense the smallest disturbances on the planet. This power includes; Global Teleportaion, Planetary Omniscience, and Planetary Empowerment. He gains this power by wearing the sweater known as The Atonement of Uranus.
Mover 12--: Global Teleportation: Kohath is able to teleport to all matter on Saturn.
Thinker 14--: Planetary Omniscience: Kohath is able to know all events pertaining to and occurring on Saturn.
Trump 10--: Planetary Empowerment: Kohath is able to tap into the energy of Saturn, this power enhances Kohath's reflexes, strength, speed, and regeneration. Depending on how much energy is drawn from Saturn.

@is from sword
|is from the loincloth
+is from the crown
-is from the sweater
-- is from the power

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation(ie: what the power does): If the tag of his sweater is removed Kohath will disintegrate. If the crown is removed from his head, his eyes will burn out. if the loincloth is torn from his waist, his mind will be lost.

Lawful Evil: A Lawful Evil character sees a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and shows a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while it usually obeys its superiors and keeps its word, it cares nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and is not averse to twisting rules in its favor.


Strength 22
Dexterity 20
Constitution 24
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8 to humans, 30 to Pryphen.
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Alien God; Kohath the Prince of Saturn
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