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 G3 Mina Klein

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Name: Mina Klein

Alias: Magician

Languages: English, French, German

Face Claim: G3 Mina Klein Mira_maxwell_by_dante_uchiha-d4nie04

Race: Parahuman

Classifications: Thinker 1 Blaster 2 Breaker 4 Shaker 8

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Description: No amulet, wearing clothes mentioned in gear.

Backstory: Mina Klein grew up in an orphanage in Munich for as long as she could remember, never once knowing her parents. It was a poor orphanage run by a French couple, who raised only four other children, thanks to the post WW1 depression. Those four children, however, Mina considered her own siblings. There was Gunther, who was the eldest of the children, and therefore considered the "big brother." He did his best to look after the rest of the kids. Two years younger than him were the twins, Burke and Alina. Also known as the mischief makers of the lot. The brother/sister duo played many pranks and had caused general turmoil on the streets around the orphanage. A year younger than the twins came Mina herself. Mina had a strong love of having fun, and often joined Burke and Alina in their hijinks, so long as they brought no physical harm to anyone. Lastly came Gerwulf, who was several years younger than Mina.

In 1931, when Mina was just 8 years old, she and the twins got the bright idea to perform a magic show on the streets in an effort to raise money for the orphanage. For just over two hours the children did various gimmicks like levitating a card with string and simple card tricks on the street just outside of a general store. Unfortunately, they were unable to earn so much as a single coin. Burke and Alina gave up and went back to the orphanage, leaving just Mina. Mina wanted to earn at least enough to buy her pseudo siblings and caretakers a small meal, and was set on doing so. Somewhere during the third hour of performing, a large man in expensive looking attire happened by and took a passing interest. So as not to lose the potential donor, Mina redoubled her efforts and interacted with the man for a few simple tricks. For her efforts, the man gave Mina five Marks. She had never seen so much money, let alone held it. Her facial expression said as much. The man let out a hearty laugh and looked down at Mina, "Little magician, if you promise to come up with new tricks, I promise to come back here once every month to watch and reward your efforts. Do we have a deal?" The man asked, his smile hidden behind his grand mustache. Mina eagerly accepted his proposal, and the man nodded and walked off.

Months and months went by with this going on. The man would come and observe Mina's show, and Mina would be sure to come up with new tricks (with a little help from the twins) for each one. Mina grew to consider this man, who had revealed his name to be Helfgott, to be a good friend. One day in mid September of the year 1935, the 12 year old Mina sat in her usual spot, eagerly awaiting her friend. After an hour had passed, she began to worry. She then set out towards the direction where Helfgott usually came from. After walking no more than a few blocks, Mina heard shouting coming from an alley she was near. Peeking down the alley, she saw, to her horror, two tall men in uniform savagely beating Helfgott. She ran into the alley and began yelling at the two men to stop. Helfgott yelled for Mina to leave, but the two men in uniform were already near her. One of the men gave a warmhearted smile at Mina, and explained that they were not beating a person, but a swine who was privileged to still be alive. Mina insisted that he was her friend, and that the two stop immediately. Once more, the man calmly smiled and explained why Jews are lower than sewer rats. Yet again, Mina yelled at the two men to stop and leave. Growing agitated, the one talking to Mina told her to get lost or else before going back to Helfgott. The man then put his boot on Helfgott's face before raising it for the final stomp. Going off animal instinct, Mina desperately reached out towards her friend and screamed with her eyes shut. When she opened her eyes, she found that her friend was still alive, and that the two men in uniform were now slowly ascending from the ground. The two were flailing about and yelling, but to no avail. They climbed up and up in altitude; one story, two stories, three....until they must have been a full five stories off the ground. "Mina!" Helfgott yelled, startling Mina out of her trance. That was when the two men, who had been at the mercy of a twelve year old, fell. They hit the ground, dying on impact and horrifically mangling their bodies.

Helfgott let out a few raspy coughs before struggling to his feet and going over to Mina, who couldn't stop shaking as she tried to comprehend what she just did. He explained to her that there were very gifted people in this world, and that she herself must be amongst them. He explained that he once served with such a person the the Great War (ww1). It was then that a noise came from the other side of the alley. Quickly finding the source, they saw someone who was apparently a third soldier, running for his life. Before either could react the soldier was gone. "Come, little magician. That soldier saw our faces. If we are still here when he returns with more, we will be in trouble, as will your orphanage." Using the last of his connections and influence, Helfgott safely got himself and Mina to the Great Britain. It was there that Mina trained herself, in hopes she would one day return to Germany, save it from its blight of a government, and maybe even see her beloved siblings again. This opportunity presented itself in the form of Germany's invasion of Poland. Mina wasted no time with enlisting, who would normally have been turned away were it not for her "gifts." As of now, she holds the rank of Ensign (Lowest rank of an officer, pretty much above sergeant but below 2nd lieutenant)in the Royal Navy.

tl;dr: Bitch be orphan in Munich. Bitch make older rich friend. Bitch's older rich friend be Jew. Niggas gon' kill him. Bitch throw them 5 stories in the air and let em fall. Nigga seen dey faces so they haul ass outta there to Britain. Bitch join Navy after Germany war they asses.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140lbs

M1911 pistol x2
Sabre (gifted to Mina from Helfgott)
White undershirt
Royal Navy Jacket, Pants, Boots

M1911 mags
Food Rations

Power(s): The Force (Blaster 2 Breaker 4 Shaker 8 ) Enhanced Reflexes (Thinker 1)

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation: Significant ability to manipulate the world around the character. Includes (but sure as shit not limited to) levitating objects a little larger than a skyscraper, shooting lightning out of the body, and barriers. Using the full extent of these powers can leave the character extremely fatigued.

Alignment: Neutral good: A Neutral Good character typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. A Neutral Good character has no problems with co-operating with lawful officials, but does not feel beholden to them. In the event that doing the right thing requires the bending or breaking of rules, they do not suffer the same inner conflict that a Lawful Good character would.


Strength: 6

Dexterity: 16

Constitution: 12

Intelligence: 12

Wisdom: 14

Charisma: 10

Theme Song:
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G3 Mina Klein
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