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 (old)Character: Jaeger

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PostSubject: (old)Character: Jaeger   Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:27 am

Name: Jaeger

Race: Firran

Languages: Common, Firran, Elvish, Demonic, Undead

Face Claim:

Class: Spirit Archer

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Description: Looks like image above. Blue hair/fur, white skin, red eyes, tattoos under eyes. Jaeger, like most Firran people, has a quick wit, and is always alert for the unexpected. Although he is cautious by nature, Jaeger rarely shies away from friendly conversation.

Backstory: Jaeger was raised by his parents in a small, nomadic tribe. The tribe rarely traded with others, so Jaeger was raised with a bow in his hands by his father. Jaeger's mother, a shaman, taught him how to use nature to fuel his own magic. Over time, Jaeger learned to incorporate both his skills with a bow, and his skills with nature magic into a powerful force. When Jaeger turned 18, he decided that the isolated life of a nomad was not suited to him, and set out on an adventure in hopes of finding something that has been missing in his life, whatever that may be. Jaeger has found that he rather enjoys another person's company, which was something he never experienced as a lonely nomad. His carefree and relaxed demeanor has moved him to follow the god, Sloth. Unless he deems something absolutely necessary to be done, Jaeger would rather relax in a tavern or spend time reading. Due to that nature, his physical strength and constitution are lacking, but are made up for in his intelligence and charisma.  Although Jaeger is considered a Spirit Archer, he still has much to learn before being considered advanced in the class.

Height: 6'0"

Weight:160 lbs

Leather armor(some extra padding, hard gauntlets+legging +(leather)boots)
Wooden Short-Bow
Bow(Breaking Bow)[4 shots left]
Dagger(Crude Dagger)
27 arrows, 7 poisoned.

Pink Gem(Unknown quality)
3 gold pieces
Gauntlet(unknown metal, hole in top)

Abilities: Drawback (Pulls back string further than normal, powering up next shot)[OVERCHARGE: charge for 1d3 and # from it increases dmg by 10% per turn]
Plantbind (Wraps target in vines after one turn channel, immobilizing them and dealing minimal DoT)

Traits: Self Confidence(successfully hitting a target increased damage by 5% up to additional 25%)
Quickfeet (+.5 evasion rolls)

Alignment: Neutral Good

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(old)Character: Jaeger
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