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 (old)Character: Louie

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PostSubject: (old)Character: Louie   Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:55 pm

Name:  Louie

Race:  Centaur

Languages:  Common

Face Claim:  

Class:  Barbarian

Gender:  Male

Age:  22

Description:  A centaur with a Caucasian torso and a snow white body with strong muscles.  He is fast and prefers brute force in combat.  He is usually calm and friendly but has a short and hot temper, social and fun but a beast if you get on his bad side.  Likes the taste of thin slices of cooked pork.

Backstory:  Born in the forests of a serene mountain valley, Louie was a normal centaur; strong, hearty, not so bright, but relatively likeable.  He trained hard to become one of the strongest in his village; however, being as his tribe lived in an isolated territory, there weren't many opponents he could fight with.  He saved up money since his childhood and acquired his armor via the frequent trade caravans (which he nearly attacked out of boredom on one account), but he couldn't test it in battle.  Taking up his swords, he began to hack and slash at trees, testing possible fighting techniques, but the others ridiculed him for it.  Who was there to fight in a secluded valley, no other tribes around?  Ostracized by his own kind, he took up his possessions and his equipment and decided to leave in search of a true challenge, or at least something he could challenge.

After about year, Louie returned to his village, having found little but wild game and cowardly goblins to contest with.  However, in the time that he was away, the unprepared village was attacked by a roaming tribe of trolls, and, without many weapons or training with which to defend themselves, Louie's tribe was wiped out, leaving nothing but rubble in what was once their peaceful valley home.  Outraged by this tragedy, Louie shattered the closest tree with a single punch, making it plummet to the ground with a crash.  Using the hunting skills he picked up during his hiatus, he tracked the trolls for miles, but could not find them.  Now, with no home to return to, he wanders the land, carrying his few possessions from home with him, searching for a new home, a new family, and those monsters that took his old family away from him.  Hopefully he'll have a fight or two along his journey.

Height:  6'5 on all fours

Weight: 700 lbs

Gear:  Bronze chestplate
face helm with Huge Antlers
shinguards (breaking)
one hook sword
one serrated sword

2x Bread
20 gold pieces

Abilities:  Charge:  Sprints forward ferociously, running quickly and dealing much more damage on the next attack.
Battle Cry:  Invigorates nearby allies, increasing their effectiveness in battle (+1 STR)

Trait:  Thick Skin:  Always takes 3 less damage from physical attacks.
Berserk:  After falling below a certain amount of health, gain a boost in strength.

Alignment:  Chaotic Good


Strength: 22
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 6
Wisdom:  6
Charisma:  10
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(old)Character: Louie
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