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 (old)Character: Zukushikorinfu

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(old)Character: Zukushikorinfu Empty
PostSubject: (old)Character: Zukushikorinfu   (old)Character: Zukushikorinfu Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2014 7:12 pm

Name: Zukushikorinfu (Zuku)

Race: Elf

Languages:  Common, Elven, Dwarf

Face Claim:  (old)Character: Zukushikorinfu YEwzd6d

Class: Good Cleric

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Description: A tall olive-skinned elf, though you can't see the ears past the hooded cloak. The cloak also conceals his chainmail armor, but not his cross-amulet, which lies on top.  Shiny metal bracers lie on his wrists, which seem to glow with the amulet as he prays.  His left shinguard goes past his knee, stopping partway up the thigh, while his right shinguard only reaches the bottom of his knee.  The belt holds several potions.

Backstory:  Zukushikorinfu was born into a priest's family, and therefore has had a strong religious background since childhood.  His family was pretty knowledgeable, so they had good money and several books to read, not to mention a potion brewing set for Zuku to practice alchemy. However, Zuku's life was nowhere near easy, for he and his family believe in El Shaddia, an apostle of wrath.  Though they had tried to spread their beliefs to the townspeople, they were met with obstinate animadversions and discontent.  Knowing that further religious pressure would only spark violence, Zuku and his family decided to worship El Shaddai on their own.  With great zeal, Zukushikorinfu pursued his faith with even more fervor than his parents.  He put himself into isolation, worshipping El Shaddai with full devotion for three years, growing in closeness and religious strength.

Near the end of this holy uprising, Zukushikorinfu was touched by "The Vision."  He gained new powers and a drive towards some goal he did not know nor understand, and probably never would until he found it.  All he knows is what his God called him to do; he feels like he needs to help people, to go on a healing journey, and he feels a yearning for something greater than himself.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 150 lb

Hooded cloth cloak(+10% Spell power)
chain chestplate(rusted/ing iron)
lightweight metal bracers(Rusted Iron)
silver cross amulet(light is really dim)
alchemy toolbelt w/ potions from inventory
cloth pants(torn, ripped)
metal boots (Shin-Guard/Knee-Guard)[Rusted Iron]
a magic staff(Demoralize Undead)

Antidote x1
Bread x1
13 gold pieces

Abilities: Healing Prayer:  Kneels to the ground, constantly restoring health(1d6 per turn) to the entire party until channeling stops  (Can channel 3 turns, or until interrupted).
Divine Strike:  Raises arms to the sky, receiving power from a divine light, then fires this light from the body, damaging all enemies in its path.

Trait: Healing Hands:  Allies who are grasped by Zuku are healed for 2d4 per turn, but less than four turns
Guiding Faith: Zukushikorinfu's spells gain strength when allies are near (+.4 per ally)

Alignment:  Chaotic Good


Strength 11
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11
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(old)Character: Zukushikorinfu
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