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 Caldwell Hummingbird

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PostSubject: Caldwell Hummingbird   Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:16 am

Name: Caldwell Hummingbird


Languages: Human

Face Claim:

Class: Illusionist

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Description: Due to over exposure to magical energies, Caldwell's irises glow with a faint blueish hue.

Back story: Caldwell was apprentice to a powerful sorcerer for most of his young life. After being sold to the sorcerer after his parents found out that he possessed magical qualities – as they were very poor. For eight years Caldwell has been groomed for the life of a sorcerer, which also involved separating himself from all religion, showing particular aptitude with illusory magics. One day, Caldwell couldn't sleep and wandered into his master's study, where he found his master attempting to summon a being from the magical plane. Caldwell watched in awe of this, however, something went horribly wrong. The tear in the fabric of reality the spell caused was too great for the sorcerer to handle, and the portal imploded. When Caldwell awoke, he found his hair had turned snow white, and that his master was no where to be seen. So, salvaging some of the items from his master's home, he has gone in search of a method to bring his master back to his plane of existence at any cost. However, in the back of his childish fantasies, he knows that there may be nothing left of him to find.

Height: 4"5

Weight: 63lbs

Vest (Cloth)
Pants (Cloth)
Boots (Rough)
Belt (Leather)
Medallion (gives[summon spectral helper] ability)
Dagger (silverite)

Slab of meat(2 day meat ration)
Backpack(4 slots)
-Tome of Illusions([fake movement], ex: making it look like a book falls off of a shelf when in reality it doesn't move at all.)
-Tome of Frost([slow time] User is allowed an immediate 2nd turn in a round, (I'll pm you info so it makes sense) essentially gaining 2 of each type of action. However users life-force is reduced to 60% hp cap after use. Will return to normal the same way exhaustion does.(this is a strong spell similar to [sacrifice] and as such I will be making it difficult to use often.))
-Loaf of Bread(bread)
-Filled Canteen(water) (3/4 filled)


Temporal Shift: Caldwell is able to phase through reality a distance of 5 feet in the direction he's looking, immune to damage as he travels. (except from extra planer enemies) He can not attack during this process. (twice per combat encounter max, 3 times a day max)[builds 1 exhaustion per use]

Mirage: Caldwell is able to bend light around a set position, and create an illusion. Larger illusions take their toll, fatiguing him after dissipation. Fatigue is equal to the number of turns the illusion is kept. Max 3 turns (details increase exhaustion, 5 stacks = pass out. some details add more than one stack.)

Exhaustion: 1/5


Illusion Mastery: +1 to potency of illusions

Childish wonder: Increases intelligence by 1.

Quick Learner: Due to his studies and his heightened wisdom, Caldwell is quick to pick up languages and spells after hearing them a few times. However, practice makes perfect and he can not use either perfectly for quite some time.

God: None

Strength: 4
1 (–5): Morbidly weak, has significant trouble lifting own limbs
2-3 (–4): Needs help to stand, can be knocked over by strong breezes
4-5 (–3): Knocked off balance by swinging something dense
6-7 (–2): Difficulty pushing an object of their weight
8-9 (–1): Has trouble even lifting heavy objects
10-11 (0): Can literally pull their own weight
12-13 (1): Carries heavy objects for short distances
14-15 (2): Visibly toned, throws small objects for long distances
16-17 (3): Carries heavy objects with one arm
18-19 (4): Can break objects like wood with bare hands
20-21 (5): Able to out-wrestle a work animal or catch a falling person
22-23 (6): Can pull very heavy objects at appreciable speeds
24-25 (7): Pinnacle of brawn, able to out-lift several people

Dexterity: 8
1 (–5): Barely mobile, probably significantly paralyzed
2-3 (–4): Incapable of moving without noticeable effort or pain
4-5 (–3): Visible paralysis or physical difficulty
6-7 (–2): Significant klutz or very slow to react
8-9 (–1): Somewhat slow, occasionally trips over own feet
10-11 (0): Capable of usually catching a small tossed object
12-13 (1): Able to often hit large targets
14-15 (2): Can catch or dodge a medium-speed surprise projectile
16-17 (3): Able to often hit small targets
18-19 (4): Light on feet, able to often hit small moving targets
20-21 (5): Graceful, able to flow from one action into another easily
22-23 (6): Very graceful, capable of dodging a number of thrown objects
24-25 (7): Moves like water, reacting to all situations with almost no effort

Constitution: 6
1 (–5): Minimal immune system, body reacts violently to anything foreign
2-3 (–4): Frail, suffers frequent broken bones
4-5 (–3): Bruises very easily, knocked out by a light punch
6-7 (–2): Unusually prone to disease and infection
8-9 (–1): Easily winded, incapable of a full day’s hard labor
10-11 (0): Occasionally contracts mild sicknesses
12-13 (1): Can take a few hits before being knocked unconscious
14-15 (2): Able to labor for twelve hours most days
16-17 (3): Easily shrugs off most illnesses
18-19 (4): Able to stay awake for days on end
20-21 (5): Very difficult to wear down, almost never feels fatigue
22-23 (6): Never gets sick, even to the most virulent diseases
24-25 (7): Tireless paragon of physical endurance

Intelligence: 13 (+1)
1 (–5): Animalistic, no longer capable of logic or reason
2-3 (–4): Barely able to function, very limited speech and knowledge
4-5 (–3): Often resorts to charades to express thoughts
6-7 (–2): Often misuses and mispronounces words
8-9 (–1): Has trouble following trains of thought, forgets most unimportant things
10-11 (0): Knows what they need to know to get by
12-13 (1): Knows a bit more than is necessary, fairly logical
14-15 (2): Able to do math or solve logic puzzles mentally with reasonable accuracy
16-17 (3): Fairly intelligent, able to understand new tasks quickly
18-19 (4): Very intelligent, may invent new processes or uses for knowledge
20-21 (5): Highly knowledgeable, probably the smartest person many people know
22-23 (6): Able to make Holmesian leaps of logic
24-25 (7): Famous as a sage and genius

Wisdom: 20
1 (–5): Seemingly incapable of thought, barely aware
2-3 (–4): Rarely notices important or prominent items, people, or occurrences
4-5 (–3): Seemingly incapable of forethought
6-7 (–2): Often fails to exert common sense
8-9 (–1): Forgets or opts not to consider options before taking action
10-11 (0): Makes reasoned decisions most of the time
12-13 (1): Able to tell when a person is upset
14-15 (2): Can get hunches about a situation that doesn’t feel right
16-17 (3): Reads people and situations fairly well
18-19 (4): Often used as a source of wisdom or decider of actions
20-21 (5): Reads people and situations very well, almost unconsciously
22-23 (6): Can tell minute differences among many situations
24-25 (7): Nearly prescient, able to reason far beyond logic

Charisma: 14
1 (–5): Barely conscious, probably acts heavily autistic
2-3 (–4): Minimal independent thought, relies heavily on others to think instead
4-5 (–3): Has trouble thinking of others as people
6-7 (–2): Terribly reticent, uninteresting, or rude
8-9 (–1): Something of a bore or makes people mildly uncomfortable
10-11 (0): Capable of polite conversation
12-13 (1): Mildly interesting, knows what to say to the right people
14-15 (2): Interesting, knows what to say to most people
16-17 (3): Popular, receives greetings and conversations on the street
18-19 (4): Immediately likable by many people, subject of favorable talk
20-21 (5): Life of the party, able to keep people entertained for hours
22-23 (6): Immediately likable by almost everybody
24-25 (7): Renowned for wit, personality, and/or looks
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Caldwell Hummingbird
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