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 Relmin Ronaus(Dead)

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PostSubject: Relmin Ronaus(Dead)   Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:58 am

*Name: Relmin Ronaus

Level: 2

*Race: Aenoch

Languages: Human, Aenoch

*Face Claim:

Class: Chaos Priest

*Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: His skin is more pale than in the picture. In the picture he's looking at the curtain he wants to make his cape. Bandages cover his arms and his waist down to his legs. He has a reptilian tail, like an argonians, but it's white just like his skin.

*Backstory: Coming from a wealthy family of wizards and mages, Relmin was sculpted from early life to be the next head of the family as the arch-mage of the nearby city. That is, until he discovered a book deep in the basement of his manor. A book, which housed a forbidden magic, [sacrifice]. A very powerful blood magic that would tear the flesh of adversaries asunder, but at great cost to the user. For any afflicted by the spell, the user would suffer half of the damage. Relmin kept this book secret from his family, until one day when he was 8, a great witch attacked his home. The witch's magic was too strong for his purebred family to handle. When confronted by the witch after having been made to watch his family burn, he used his new magic for the first time, which in turn forever changed his life. Relmin could think of no one body part that he would be able to sacrifice in order to kill the witch. That is, until he forsook his sanity in order to kill the witch. As soon as the witch had ceased life, Relmin had a vision, one in which he saw the god Wrath, in this vision he was instructed to spread the word of Wrath's glorious apostle, Savage. (of course this was only an insanity vision)

Height:(optional, but recommended) 6'1"

Weight:(optional, but recommended) 150

-Sleeved Red Cloth Shirt (normal)
-Wand(+1 on spells)
-Staff [Blur] Hitting the ground with the base causes all living things in the area to have incorrect depth perception of Relmin(-1(-2 if wand is in gear)accuracy against Relmin)
-Spell book [sacrifice] (Destroys a portion of ones body; targeted subject suffers double the size of the removal, does damage to both parties, x2 to target. ex: sacrificing two fingers would remove four from the target, or sacrificing a patch of skin will remove double the area on the target. Sacrificed body parts are unrecoverable)
-White cape(actually just a curtain)[enchantment: cold resist]
-Chain-mail undershirt(steel)
-Black Ring (normal)

Butchers knife(for chopping up food and things)(Grey Iron)
Bottle of Poison(3 uses, green but tasteless and odorless)
Meat(probably not human...right?)(1 chunk(?))
Backpack(3 slots)
-left ring finger
-pair of Aenoch wings

[Scream of Madness] Relmin unleashes an earsplitting scream dealing 1d3-10 damage depending on distance(ex: across the room would be 1d5 and standing close would be 1d10) and 1d8(8req) chance to daze.(2ex) -2 if targets ears are covered
[Touch of Exhaustion] After a short incantation, Relmin enchants a body part so that the next living thing touched by it loses 1d3(+1 with wand) exhaustion. (does not have to be "skin to skin" contact) (cost is same as stacks without bonus)

Exhaustion 3/6

[Mad Hops] Jumps are based on Exhaustion level, 6 = 100", 5 = 90" 4 = 80", 3 = 70", 2 = 60", 1 = 50". limited to one or two huge jumps per day.
[Insane] Is unaffected by mental attacks, but you know, he's insane. (continual spam of the same attack will degrade his "defenses" and after 1d3 he will succumb to madness(unable to perform an action for 1d3))
[Staff Proficiency] +1 to staff effects.

God: Wrath

Strength 4
Dexterity 10
Constitution 4
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 20
Charisma 10
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Relmin Ronaus(Dead)
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