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 Character- Sokio (Jeremy)

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PostSubject: Character- Sokio (Jeremy)   Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:18 pm

*Name: Sokio

*Race: Israfel

Level:2(one new trait or +1 to maximum exhaust)

Languages: Israfel, Human

*Face Claim:

Class: Ninja


Age: 51

Description: Gear looks like the picture

*Backstory: A little orphan boy, parents killed by vicious tyrants during the war, was found by Shaolin Monks in the wreckage of a village burned down in the wake of the war. They took him in and trained him as one of their own students. Showing prodigy like promise, the monks decided to put in more effort into teaching this young student than any other. In his teenage years, he always had his eyes on the ladies. Because of this fact, he decided to follow the goddess Chastity because he imagined that she would be very voluptuous.



Gi (normal)
Dual Wield chained sickles(Steel)
Spiky Bracers (Silverite)
Hood(Enchanted:cannot be beheaded while wearing)
Monk Sandals(rough)

Leaf of Bread
3L of water
Deck of Cards
-Crossbow bolt x3

Abilities:Smoke Screen- Causes Sokio to disappear 1d4 turns(2 ex)
           Counter Attack- Dodges one attack, then 3d6 (50%) for counter.(110% of normal attack)(3ex)
Exhaust= 4/7

Trait: Death by the Blade- Increases attack speed (How fast Sokio can slash and attack only) at the beginning of a battle
        Final Strike- when health goes below 20%, Sokio becomes enraged, increasing his damage but filling up exhaust if he survives, as well as gaining 4 extra exhaust points while enraged.

God(Goddess): Chastity

Strength 10
Dexterity 11
Constitution 11
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 11
Charisma 11
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Character- Sokio (Jeremy)
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