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 G3 Emil Vogt

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PostSubject: G3 Emil Vogt   G3 Emil Vogt Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2015 9:49 pm

Name: Emil Vogt

Alias: Eel

Languages: English, German

Face Claim: G3 Emil Vogt Gino_w10

Race: Parahuman

Theme Song:

Classifications: Striker 4 Mover 4

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: N/A

Backstory: On Emil's fourth birthday, his parents gave him the book Mein Kampf, this is where he learned to read. Emil was recruited as one of the Hitlerjugend(Hitler's Youth) at the age of 14. During his time in the HY, (Hitler Youth) he made a ally in a fellow member from a different battalion, Hans von Stresemann. Although he and Hans did not see eye to eye on the interpretation of their creed, they were able to share battle tactics, and were a force to be reckoned with when their battalions were paired. However, the most interesting battles occurred when they were pitted against each other, as it was often an all-out war that went on until the last man was standing, usually the two of them. However, though these events, they were able to form a bond of camaraderie that bound them while they spent their days in the HY. As his hate towards the minorities grew, so did his respect for the officers in charge of the re-education camps, having to put up with their complaining and other various nefarious qualities, how they were able to deal with them was an astonishment to him, thus his respect grew for them from each encounter with a degenerate. Soon enough when Emil was 15 he discovered a tragic truth, his parents had been harboring Jews. The feeling of betrayal and rage he felt was massive,  breaking down on the spot, Emil screamed at his parents and those they protected. Then, as if some mystical force had seen his plight, Emil practically disintegrated his body with the massive electrical wave that exploded from every pore in his skin, those that were in the house, however were not so lucky.(Trigger Event if it wasn't obvious) Emil quickly fled the burning house towards the nearest barracks, hoping to find refuge in his friends and commanders. What he got instead was a smoldering pile of ash, with a lone figure sitting atop the rubble.

The figure stood and approached Emil, "Welcome to the new world brother, this is what you will be seeing from now on." The man said. Emil was too shocked to move, But as the man jumped into the air presumably hoping to fly away, Emil followed him into the sky, much to his surprise, grabbing his legs and throwing him into the ground below, which was a good 60ft drop. The man reeling in pain, looked up at Emil with pure unadulterated hatred in his eyes. Emil could see a faint circular glow coming from the mans chest as he lay embedded in the road. As the glow grew stronger, Emil dealt a sense of what was to come next, that he would be butchered like his friends. Emil was having none of that, not after he killed his parents, he wasn't ready to die yet. Do instead of floating around waiting to be shot by whatever projectile he was sure would come, Emil raced into the sky as fast as he could until he could barely breath. Then as if some incredibly bright red spotlight had been shone on him, Emil came to the realization that the light was in fact the 'projectile' that he was worried about, it roared past him destroying parts of his clothes with the sheer air pressure surrounding this beam of red light. Emil saw this as his only chance and bolted towards the ground, moving far faster than he ever imagined possible, with both his arms stretched towards the source of the light. As he raced towards the ground growing faster and faster, he suddenly thought, "This will probably kill me." and he eased up, hoping it would still be enough to pulverize the man that had killed his friends. Emil didn't feel any pain, not at first anyway, he was sure he had aimed correctly. Then he saw it, the concrete of the road and the bones in his arms had been shattered by the impact, he realized that the pain would hit him soon and he frantically looked around for the man. Only to find the mans upper ribcage and lower abdomen around his own. He had impaled the man.

The next few months recuperating were a blur compared to the action of that night. Officers came and went, giving their condolences for his lost comrades, explaining that his identity would remain classified. Then on one day not so different from the others, a man came to him asking that he join the Hitler's Parahuman Corps(HPC for short). Emil saw this as a way back into the fray of war, a way to stop the impure from roaming the streets in his country, and a way for him to ease his boredom. During his time in the HPC Emil met is old friend Hans, surprised though that the boy had become a parahuman like himself. Emil met other parahumans who saw him as a roll model, Emil enjoyed this immensely as they saw him as their god in some sense of the word, he was a soldier and an Aryan(unlike some of his comrades). While in the HPC he advanced through the ranks fairly quickly, becoming quite proficient in knife combat. Soon enough though he was doing covert missions targeting ally ships, this is where he acquired his codename, 'Eel'.

Later he had found out that the man he had impaled was called Red Bolt, a parahuman like himself

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150

Black Full body headless wetsuit (Costume)
Black gas mask(Costume)(works well against poison or other harmful gasses)
G41 semi-auto rifle(Black)(8/10)

Waterproof bag(8 slots)
-German SS Uniform(Cap, Top(with armband), Pants, Gloves, Boots)
G41 magazine x2

Electric Discharge(Striker 4)
Flight(Mover 4)

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation:

ED:Emil can emit an electrical discharge in a 2-6ft radius around himself. The stronger they are the more damage Emil takes from them. (25% of damage dealt(?)) Emil can manage two or three large blasts per day, but will become heavily fatigued if he uses more, once his adrenaline wears off of course.

Flight: Landing too hard will kill or injure the user. In air, absolute top speed is 200mph including momentum and maximum room to speed up, while under water Emil can reach speeds of near 300mph(same as air). Maintaining these speeds tires Emil quickly. Usual speed is half of max, and Emil has to work hard to get to top speed.

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13
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G3 Emil Vogt
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