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 G3 Sid Nocab

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PostSubject: G3 Sid Nocab   Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:36 pm

Name: Sid Nocab

Alias: Shrink

Languages: English German

*Face Claim:

Race: Parahuman

Classifications: Shaker 3 Breaker 4

*Gender: Male

Age: 15

*Backstory: Born into a peasant family of Jewish decent, Sid grew up living his life in hiding, lest he be found by Hitler. However, at the moment, Hitler wasn't his worst fear. His worst fear was his older sister who spent all of her time terrorizing Sid and making his life hell. After finally having enough of her vicious treatment, he decided to just scream. A couple of German patrol soldiers heard the scream and ran into the house to investigate. After seeing a picture of the Jewish Star on the wall, the soldiers throw Sid's parents to the ground. They took aim of their guns and began shooting. Without thinking Sid jumped in front of them and activated a forcefield that stopped bullets and flung them back at the soldiers, killing them. After that occurance, Sid's parents were too scared of Sid to live with him, so they left him alone.

Height: 6'1


19 throwing knives
Colt .45
Black cloak
Black pants
Black Leather gloves
Black Fighting boots

Backpack(5 slots)
Top of German costume
canteen(2 days worth, may extend up to five if used sparingly)
food rations(2 days worth, may extend up to 5 is eaten sparingly)
handgun ammo x16(8 per mag)

Power(s): Forcefield, Spacial Distortion: Minimize

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation:

Forcefield Generation: Creates a forcefield big enough to encompass Sid and one other average sized human; however, Sid can not move the forcefield, and any action taken inside the forcefield fatigues Sid quicker. Lasts 3 turns.

Spacial Distortion: Minimize: Shrinks any item or weapon by touch, returns to normal size after a distance of 40ft. Can only shrink to 1.5 inches. Can also bring back to normal size.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Strength 15
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 6
Charisma 8

Theme Song:
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G3 Sid Nocab
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