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 G3 Cain Stellwagen

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PostSubject: G3 Cain Stellwagen   G3 Cain Stellwagen Icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2015 12:04 am

*Name: Cain Stellwagen

Languages: English, German, French

*Face Claim: G3 Cain Stellwagen PCOvwyE

Race: Parahuman

Alias: Körbchen

Classifications: Tinker 8 drug spec

*Gender: Male

Age: 40

Description: He's a little more overweight and has no watch.

*Backstory: Cain was a normal German boy, one of the few who went to the elitist schools to learn the higher arts.  He was a normal student too; he studied well, paid attention in class, sniffed glue and paint... actually, he really liked getting high.  He made his first chemistry set at a young age, but this consisted actually of some confiscated Russian vodka, nail polish, battery acid, kerosene, and pretty much any chemical he could get his hands on.  He was mainly interested in the scent, but nothing really turned out to be potent or special other than making a quick high.

On a dare one day, Cain ingested a random selection of his chemicals.  Surprisingly, this didn't kill him.  His eyes lit up; he could see the world... and all the possibilities.  With his friends' attentions affixed, he begins combining the chemicals in a sophisticated, planned manner, creating a substance he knew would have some effect.  He knew not what.  There was potassium carbonate, iron, heated to form a white substance, mixed with some soda ash... some other stuff.  He dared his friend to ingest it in return.  The poor guy accepted, seeing that Cain turned out okay, and was dead in an agonizing five minutes.  The other friends looked at him in horror; they knew not what magic he had created to cause death.  They ran; Cain laughed with malice.  Think of the possibilities besides a simple cyanide pill!

He expanded his lab, crafting all sorts of different drugs until he caught the eye of a superior officer in the military.  Cain then had an idea: he could develop a super soldier serum for Hitler's perfect army and sell it for a massive profit. He has a buyer, now he only needs his perfect product... fortunately for him, he knows chemicals and drugs like the back of his hand. He journeyed with Hitler's army, joining their invasion of France in search of new chemicals or drug ideas.  He affiliated himself with the locals, becoming their idol by distributing painkillers and "wonder drugs," which brought back the illusions of life before the war.  All for a massive profit.  He still seeks to perfect his super serum; it needs to have less side effects, no crash, and be highly addictive...

Height: 5'6

Weight: 220

Jet black overcoat
Grey slacks
Black boots
M1879 Reichsrevolver
Pipe (like the smoking kind)(but what's in it?)
Drug bomb (knockout)
Brass knuckles

High Quality Bag (6 Slots)
--~1 oz "Super Cocaine" (3 uses) (1 already used by Dragon)
--Painkillers (3 Pills)
Revolver rounds x16
Supersoldier Drugs (experimental serum combining stimulants, painkillers, and mood changers. Causes
zeal and resistance to pain along with increased strength.)
Canteen(3 days worth, may extend up to a week if used sparingly)
*German currency (1107$ worth in modern time) (in a safe place back on the submarine in chem room)
*Some cocaine (in a safe place back on the submarine in chem room)

Drug Mastery (Tinker 8 )
Chemical Radar (Tinker 8 )

Power drawbacks/tolls:
Drug Mastery: Provided he has the right materials, Cain can make any drug or chemical he wants, combining them to make drugs, chemical weapons, or narcotics.  He has tons of prior information, knows almost all the formulas, and has the equipment to fabricate the drugs he wants.  He's partially immune due to overuse (dealers aren't supposed to do their own drugs but you see--), so personal drugs take twice the ingredients.  Others can't take these properly without danger of overdose.
Chemical Radar:  With great training Cain can find and extract chemical materials from many substances.  For example, if he needs an acid, he can extract it from vinegar.  He notices this information almost immediately.  However, his extreme focus for drugs makes him miss other details that normal people might see; basically, he has a hard time finding the door.

Alignment:  Neutral Evil.  He kinda supports the Nazis, but in the end he really just wants money, whether it breaks the law or not.  He gains power through the drug chaos and gets rich through the German government.


Strength 12
Dexterity 6
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

Theme Song (open to criticism):
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G3 Cain Stellwagen
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