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 G2 Oo Whack (Forest Monkey)

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PostSubject: G2 Oo Whack (Forest Monkey)   Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:36 pm

Name: Unknown (goes by Oo Whack)

Race: Aenoch

Languages: Human, Aenoch (uses both randomly in speech with poor grammar and pronunciation)

Face Claim:

Class: Jungle Warrior(Forest Monkey)

Gender: Male

Age: 100

Description: Clothing is extremely ragged, but Oo has large muscles and looks younger than his body implies. Skin is rough and calloused-looking. Scales protrude from his body

Backstory:  "Oo" was born in a jungle village.  Probably.  He doesn't know himself, but according to his linguistic development he probably left home at the age of six or seven, maybe more.  Because of his Aenoch heritage, he didn't fall prey immediately to the creatures of the wild. According to his behavioral patterns, experts speculate that he was raised by monkeys shortly after departing home, making him stronger, faster, and at home in the jungle.  The monkeys protected him from larger predators until he was old enough to protect himself, then he probably killed and ate the monkeys.  This assumption is based on his unusual obsession with pride and tyrannical personality coupled with his short temper and wild strength.  Others speculate this happened due to curiosity alone, and that "Oo" killed his "family" just to see what it was like.  They didn't pose much of a threat anyway, being that Aenoch develop stronger muscles, and besides, they were stealing all the fruit.

Nobody knows his real name.  He calls out "Oo" often, like a monkey, so people have associated this sound with his name.  He speaks few words, especially in normal circumstances, but he seems to know limited Aenoch and English, probably stemming from his limited time as a child.  Oo mixes the two languages in speech, but he usually only speaks when excited.  One of his favorite words is "Whack," which he uses often in combat when he hits his opponent—or an inanimate object, occasionally.  Therefore, people have attributed him the surname "Whack," which does not reflect his patriarchal appellation.  It does, however, accurately reflect his daily occupation.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 120

Cloth Rags Shirt(+1)
Large Wooden Club(+2)
Sharp Rocks(+0)
Old Sandals(-2)
Ragged Jeans(+0)
Vines (wrapped around his body)(enchanted)
Giant Tortoise Shell/Shield (+3)

Fruit (8x, 2 apples, 3 oranges (-1 bite), 3 dragon fruits)
Waterskin(3 days worth, can be used sparingly up to 5)
Feces (2lbs)
Shiny coins (10
Backpack(4 slots)

Primal Rage: Oo Moves faster and hits harder for a short time. Afterwards he is tired and moves more slowly. (Oo gains +5 on his initiative roll, and gains (1d5x10)% weapon damage per turn. After wards Oo looses his +5 and it becomes -3, and is unable to attack the turn this effect wears off. 2ex
Call of the Wild: Makes a nearby animal fight for Oo for 1d4 turns.  If the animal is not a predator, the conversion lasts 1d6 turns. 2ex

Exhaustion: 6/6

Adrenaline Rush: Receiving more than 40% current hitpoints as damage automatically casts Primal Rage at no cost to exhaustion. Once per day.
Jungle Instinct: Always dodges the first attack of a fight.

God: Pride

Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 3
Wisdom 7
Charisma 1
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G2 Oo Whack (Forest Monkey)
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