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 G2 Dandelion

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PostSubject: G2 Dandelion   G2 Dandelion Icon_minitimeSat May 09, 2015 1:47 am

Name: Dandelion

Race: Human

Languages: Human

Face Claim: G2 Dandelion Nbu9hi

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Class: Minstrel

Description: Instead of a jacket, she has a white bandana covering the lower half of her face that is tucked into her leather jerkin.

Backstory: Dandelion was born in the slums of a well to do city. Due to complications with her birth she was left mute due to damaged vocal cords. Under the careful guide of her mother, by the age of seven Dandelion was able to adequately survive on the streets, and learned to make due with this or that. However, one day she decided to reach beyond the filth she called home, leaving behind all the rats she had ever come to know to join a traveling circus. It was there that a mistral took her under their wing, and taught her how to play the flute. Her skills were quickly developed, and Dandelion attracted crowds wherever she went, as her skills with the instrument were able to invoke desire and lust, hope and despair, love and hatred. However, it was during this time that she had met a man who had followed the god of Wrath, and he sensed the hatred deep inside of her, for those people who came to see her performances, who had the money to waste on her now, but not when she lived in the streets. He told her to feed her rage, and to seek her hatred. Thus, that is what she chose to seek, she aught that hatred that had been bubbling behind her consciousness, and she used it to play the most terrifying of war cries.



Gear: Flute (Enchantment: [Dissonant] While playing her flute, enemies have -1 accuracy when targeting her.

Knife (+0)
Leather set (Boots(-2), Jerkin(+1), leggings(-2), gloves(+2))

Inventory: Backpack(4 slots)
Bread(2 days worth)
Cheese(2 days worth)
Water Skin(3 days worth, 6 if used sparingly)


Resonate: Dandilion resonates with the fluids inside of a target's ears, damaging and possibly rupturing their ear drums. (2d3+2) Damage to all who hear and are not accustomed to it. - 1d6 10% chance to inflict mild-sever hearing damage, depends on actual damage) 2ex

Ballad of Scorn: Dandilion allows her hatred to seep into her notes, invigorating allies while terrifying enemies. (+1 damage for allies for 1d3 turns || -1 accuracy of enemies for 1d3 turns) Ex = length

Exhaustion: 7/7


Mute: She can't talk.

Body Language: Due to having lived her entire life as a mute, Dandelion is extremely adept at conversing with her body language, however, she can make mistakes, and people can misinterpretation her gestures every once in awhile. (+1 cha to known people, -1 cha on creepy people)

Concerto: Dandelion's flute is able to enhance emotions in a person, increasing their most dominant emotion during the song's duration.

God: Wrath

Stats:(You get 65 points to spend in this area. You must have at least one point in each stat, and you don't have to use all of the points. Max you can put into one stat is 20)

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 18
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G2 Dandelion
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