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 G4 Nilrem Uzumaki

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PostSubject: G4 Nilrem Uzumaki   Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:21 pm

Health: 500/500

Chakra Meter: 232/800

Name: Nilrem Uzumaki

Clan: Uzumaki

Village Origin: Uzushiogakure (The Village Hidden in the Whirling Tides)

Face Claim:

Jutsu Specialty: Genjutsu-0 Taijutsu-1 Ninjutsu-6 Chakra Flow-1

Chakra Type: Wind Nature

Gender: Male

Age: 13(17)

Description: Like the picture, except he wears a tan cloak over his gear*.

Backstory: Nilrem grew up in the care of his parents, and with their help he became quite a skilled individual in terms of his ninjutsu capabilities. Shortly after his promotion to genin, during one of his training sessions as his home, he heard a sound coming from a shed behind his house. Being a curious young boy, he investigated, though to his horror, what he found was a body. Well not a real body, but the body of someone who had been turned into a puppet, the body of his older brother, Melrin. Nilrem kept his finding secret, but he secretly practiced with the puppet for he had never known his brother and greatly wished for the bond that siblings share. Nilrem practiced a great deal with his new brother, though mch to his dismay, his parents found out and scolded him for tainting the dead.

So, one night while his parents were asleep, Nilrem took his important belongings and went to the shed behind his house. With his brothers 'body' in tow he fled his village, and sought a new life in Konohagakure. Though they questioned him as to why he had run from home, he lied and told them his parents had been killed by bandits. Though the leaders of Konoha hadn't believed him, they allowed him to join in their ninja program as an honorary member of a team that had lost a member in a recent mission.

Height: 6'2 (5'6 pre-timeskip)

Weight: 155 (130 pts)

Whirlwind Ninja headband
Tan Cloak
White shirt (with red clan emblem in the center)(shirtsleeve pts, long sleeve afterwards)
Black Pants
Puppet[Melrin](Appears to be an older version of himself, includes blades from elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles. As well as senbon firing mechanism inside the mouth)(counts as 3 slots)

Shuriken Pouch
Large Summoning Scroll(Puppet)
Senbon x20
shuriken x10

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Stats:(Max in one is 5, you get 15 points, minimum is 1 point)
Intelligence: 4
Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Hand seals: 1
Stamina(adds additional stamina/health): 4

Techniques: 1750/2000
Chakra Threads(100)(50/5 cost and upkeep) Allows user to control puppets(or willing humans)

Wind Release: Gale Palm(C)(350)(200) User claps their palms together, which is followed by a powerful gale.

Wind Release: Tornado Palm(B)(750)(400) Same as Gale Palm, but with much greater force.

Puppet Technique(C)(350)(No Cost) User is able to control a puppet with [Chakra Threads]

Leaf Whirlwind(D)(200)(200 Chakra) User initiates a 5 kick combo alternating between low and high kicks
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G4 Nilrem Uzumaki
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