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 Asahi Kiteru (Kitaharu) (G4)

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PostSubject: Asahi Kiteru (Kitaharu) (G4)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:36 am

Health: 400/400

Chakra Meter: 287/600

Name: Asahi Kiteru (Kitaharu fake name, read backstory)

Clan: Kiteru

Village Origin: Kirigakure/Konohagakure

Face Claim:

Jutsu Specialty: 1 Genjutsu, 3 Taijutsu, 4 Ninjutsu

Chakra Type: Boil (Water/Fire)

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Description: Mid height, blond, non-defined build but a strong upper body from farm work. No earring. Younger looking than in picture but not by much. Has a scar over the eye after his brother attacked him (read backstory, NO IT'S NOT A FUCKING SASUKE-ITACHI BULLSHIT THING). His somewhat sheltered upbringing and optimistic outlook often give him tunnel vision, and while he is intelligent he is still young and fails to see the full picture. Because of this, he finds it hard to understand his brother's actions, and forgives too easily. Will he make it in the harsh, dark world of the ninja? Find out on the next episode of Naruto!

Backstory: Asahi was born into the formerly noble clan of the Kiterus, who lived in Kirigakure. Kekkai Genkai had become shunned and as such, before the hysteria spread, Asahi's father packed up, got on a boat, and moved onto a plot of land near Konohagakure. They took on the name of Kitaharu, and as such lived a very peaceful life.

Asahi has two siblings, an older brother and an older sister. His older sister's name is Hosokawa and his brother's is Iesato. His sister is 19 and his brother is 22. Iesato and Hosokawa were 10 and 13 when they left their homeland, and had to grow up in the ninja academy and receive the persecution and general dislike that came with being Kiteru. It was especially bad since they were among the lower class of noble and as such, were feared yet hated from both the rich and the poor. Hosokawa wasn't as effected, and grew to forgive them, however she clings close to her brother. Iesato became bitter, and had a strong distaste for Kirigakure and all those that had put him down. Both were exceptional nin, Iesato mastering both water and fire release to become a terrifying user of the Boil techniques. Hosokawa did not inherit the affinity for both water and fire, but instead became proficient with Senbo and various Fuinjutsu, with her element being Water.

Asahi's father is a master Boil user, but is very old (62). His wife knows healing jutsu and was an expert with sealing techniques. The father tried to help Iesato to understand and move past his hatred, but could not. He had hoped that by moving into a farm life, he would shield his children and allow them to live normal lives outside of the strife of the Ninjas, however this only proved to smother Iesato, who began to act out. Eventually he had to go back to teaching Iesato ninjutsu, as his unrefined power was too much to leave untapped, and he knew he would eventually use it wrongly. Hosokawa was taught Fuinjutsu by her mother.

Asahi was 3 when they left, and remembers nothing. His father tried to smother him as well, bringing him up as a regular farm boy. At age 5, however, he witnessed Iesato and his father practicing the Boil technique, and was enamored. At age 7, Iesato left the house with his sister under the guise of night. Asahi tried to stop him, following him into the woods, but he was quickly subdued with Ninjutsu. Asahi tried to follow more, but his brother threw a Kunai and caught him on the forehead, leaving the scar. His sister healed it quickly, then they both fled.

Afterwards, Asahi begged his father to teach him how to be as strong as his brother, because he wished he could have stopped them. After much deliberation, he caved, and began to teach Asahi techniques.

Asahi uses mostly the water technique, and knows some basic fire jutsu. He can still only use Boil Release sparingly, however he could become very dangerous with it very quickly. 5 years after his brother's departure, he hasn't forgotten why he began, although he has now decided that he also wants to return to Kirigakure and learn all of his clans secret techniques, as his father only possesses one.

After turning 12 several months ago, his father took him to Konoha to be trained amongst others. He used some of his money (of which he saved a great deal after leaving Kiri) to get an audience with a higher ranking nin, and quickly had Asahi promoted to Genin after showing his general proficiency. He was then given a place to stay and a team, and has been training with them since. With his array of techniques given to him by his father and honed by his Junin teacher, he's thinks he's ready to take on the Chunin exams. Will his naivety towards the upcoming arduous task lead to his downfall? Find out in the next episode of Naruto!

Height: 5'5

Weight: 105lb

Gear: Shirt
Leaf Ninja Headband
Leather gloves
Ninja shoes (so he can run like Naruto)
A necklace with half the Kiteru family name (çİş)(nobody from Konoha would know, mostly none from Kiri save other Kiteru)
Light jacket with pockets

Inventory: Kunai (edit amount here brundun) (because they're bound to be useful at some point)
Burn ointment (because steam hurts yo)
Water (16 oz)
Basic invisible line (for setting traps, useful for people and animals)
Explosive tags (5x)

Alignment:(lawful good)

Stats:(Max in one is 5, you get 15 points, minimum is 1 point)
Hand seals:2
Stamina(adds additional stamina/health):4

Techniques: Water Release: Hiding in the Mist Jutsu (D)(150)(150/50 cost and upkeep) (Canon)

Water Demon Technique (C)(410)(200 Chakra cost) (Canon)

Water Release: Water Shuriken (D)(190)(125 Chakra cost)

Fire Release: Fire Stream (basic showing of use of fire technique, a small stream of fire shot from the mouth. good for lighting a fire, but could be used creatively.) (E)(50)(50/5 cost and upkeep)

Water Release: Water Shield (D)(250)(100/30 cost and upkeep)

Boil Release: Water Vapor Technique (B)(850)(450/100 cost and upkeep)
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Asahi Kiteru (Kitaharu) (G4)
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