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 Yoshizawa Shou (G4)

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PostSubject: Yoshizawa Shou (G4)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:45 pm

Health: 300/300

Chakra Meter: 287/550

Name: Yoshizawa Shou

Clan:  Shou

Village Origin: Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)

Face Claim:

Jutsu Specialty: 6 Genjutsu 2 Ninjutsu

Chakra Type: Water

Gender: Male

Age:  13

Description: Shirt is grey and he wears a facemask. Typically appears to be deep in thought.

Backstory: Yoshizawa didn't have a hard time in the ninja academy.  He was very smart and good enough with ninjutsu to pass the tests.  He just really likes to screw with people.  He knows he's not strong enough to beat someone in a straight up fight, especially when it comes to taijutsu, his weakest jutsu.  But that didn't matter much for him; it was hard to even find him in the first place. Yoshizawa had a knack for fooling his enemy.  Genjutsu was his specialty; he became so fascinated with the human mind and how to manipulate it that he spent little time physically training.  He chose instead to train mentally, studying and becoming effective at genjutsu.

Yoshizawa's parents could see that he had potential.  Being strong ninjas themselves, they encouraged him to join the academy.  At first, Yoshizawa refused, but they forced him to attend anyway.  He wasn't aware that his parents wanted him to join so that he would become stronger against adversity and challenges; at the time, he thought they were just trying to make him live up to the Shou name by becoming a ninja.  However, he didn't want to become a ninja because he would have to train to fight and learn to kill, and, more importantly, avoid being killed.  Yoshizawa intentionally failed his first few tests, deciding to goof off with genjutsu tricks instead because he feared of advancing to become a Genin and risking his life.  He feared death, so he didn't want to become a ninja and put himself in dangerous situations.

Prone to misbehavior at this point in his life, Yoshizawa pissed off the wrong people.  Tricking a couple of grain warehouse owners, he stole some pretty large, important-looking bags and ran off as the owners gave chase.  Having underestimated his victims, Yoshizawa found that he himself had become the hunted, fleeing for his life from two Genin with an intent to kill; the grain was a coverup for a gang selling illegal contraband.  Yoshizawa realized this as he was fleeing, and suddenly became afraid.  He could really die here.  Turning into an alley, knowing of nothing else he could do and desperately low on chakra, he makes a last ditch effort and transforms into a legendary ninja and creating a water clone of himself.  His attackers turn into the alley, recognize the face of a renowned jonin of the village, and flee in terror.  Having expended nearly all his chakra, Yoshizawa's transformation fails as they run out of sight and he passes out.

He wakes up a couple of hours later in the same spot, and realizes something from that experience: His greatest trick can be the illusion of experience.  If he were to seem like a powerful ninja, few would mess with him. Otherwise, even street thugs could possibly kill him. He applies more in his schoolwork and applies for the Chunin exams as soon as possible, and he wears a mask to make his appearance seem more threatening, deterring possible attackers.  Once he is named a Genin, no Chunin will mess with him... once he is named Jonin, no Genin will mess with him... once his name becomes legendary...

Height:(optional, but recommended) 5'8(4'9 pst)

Weight:(optional, but recommended) 135

Gear:(Put things here that you would equip. I'll edit it for quality. 7 things max. Any weapon that isn't being wielded goes in inventory)
Dark Gray Shirt (blend with rainclouds)
Dark Gray Pants (blend with rainclouds)
Comfortable walking shoes
Mist Ninja Headband (worn around waist)
Fingerless Gloves

Backpack(6 slots)
Water 12 oz
Bread 1 loaf
Kunai x10
Explosive tags x10

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Intelligence: 5
Strength: 2
Speed: 3
Hand seals: 3
Stamina: 2

Techniques: 1550/2000
Body Replacement Technique (E)(50)(20 Chakra) (canon)

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique (C)(320)(150 Chakra) (canon)

Illusionist Bladed Thunderstorm (B)(750)(300): Creates the illusion of a rainstorm in the general area if it is not already raining (False Surroundings). Yoshizawa jumps into the air, throwing kunai disguised as raindrops.  Exploding tags attached to kunai crash like thunderbolts.

Water Clone Technique(C)(350)(130/10) (canon)

Transformation Technique(E)(80)(50 Chakra) (canon)
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Yoshizawa Shou (G4)
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