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 Yuzuki Yuki (G4)

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PostSubject: Yuzuki Yuki (G4)   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:48 pm

Health: 300/300

Chakra Meter: 287/550

Name: Yuzuki Yuki

Clan: Yuki Clan, Dual nature kekkei genkai, one handed seals.

Village Origin: Kirigakure

Face Claim:

Jutsu Specialty:(8 points, 4 points into either will unlock "secret" jutsu specialty. Dōjutsu(eyes) for Ninjutsu/genjutsu but only if appropriate kekkei genkai, Bukijutsu(weapons) for taijutsu, Fūinjutsu(sealing) for ninjutsu. These are just examples, there are more here: ) Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Ninjutsu: 7
Chakra Flow: 1

Chakra Type: Kekkei Genkai: Water, Wind. (Ice)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Description: She has green eyes, not red. Other than that it's exactly like the face claim.

Backstory: Yuzuki's mother fled Kirigakure during the upheaval against kekkei genkai  owners. Her mother fled with her in a horse drawn carriage, fleeing to Konohagakure, a place full of Kekkei Genkai wielding dojutsu users, a place wherein she could ensure that Yuzuki was free from the eventual tragedy that would befall their clan. Yuzuki grew up as a fairly normal child, however, during her third winter her kekkei genkai manifested. In a snowball fight, the young Yuzuki was under a brutal assault from three older boys, who continuously rained icy terror upon her in the form of snowballs. Yuzuki, not one to be shown up by the lesser gender, smiled to herself and readily returned fire. However, her snowballs acted strange, and very much so unlike the snowballs she was being assaulted with. Her snowballs would collide and splatter onto her unfortunate enemies like paint, clinging as if it was attempting to become one with the boys' clothing, whereas their snowballs simply burst upon impact, some doing so before they even touched Yuzuki. This incident terrified the boys, as they were not used to being attacked by living snow; the boys ran home, snot and tears dribbling down their faces in runny little streams, and explained the situation to their parents, as the snow had lost the chakra Yuzuki had accidentally embedded into it long since their run had began.

However, when word got back to Yuzuki's mom of the incident, she became horrified. She had masked her abilities so well, and her daughter was beginning to show signs of not having inherited the kekkei genkai, the reason they had fled their homes. This incident led to strict training from her mother, as she ensured that the gift, or what she thought of as a curse, did not get out of hand. She taught Yuzuki to let it go, to free her mind from all that was holding her back anymore. Let it go, let it go, and to turn away and slam the doors on whatever forces compelled Yuzuki to use her gift. Her mother instead taught her teachings from Kirigakure, showing her how to manipulate water instead of ice, and teaching her how to use one hand for the seals, as she knew that she couldn't avoid her clan's kekkei genkai forever. She also taught Yuzuki to manipulate the wind to guide her weapons, by embedding her chakra into the air around a weapon. these teachings caused Yuzuki to have resounding success in her studies in the academy, and even further success in her missions as a genin. However, privy from her mothers watchful eyes, Yuzuki nurtured her gift. She practiced daily on freezing and unfreezing water, to the point where it took less than a second. Now armed with her abilities, she's ready to challenge the chunin exams, and pass with flying colors.

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 35.4 kg

Gear:(Put things here that you would equip. I'll edit it for quality. 7 things max. Any weapon that isn't being wielded goes in inventory)

Hidden Leaf Headband
Ninja Tabi
Konoichi Vests
Konoichi Shorts
Armored Gloves
Weapons Pouch
Chakra Inhibition Scroll

Inventory:(Put what you want in your inventory. I'll edit for quality. 5 slots, backpack adds additional slots once game begins)(Small scrolls, ie: shuriken/kunai are one slot, while large scrolls, ie: puppets/wind shuriken are two slots)

Senbon x10
Shuriken x10
Money Pouch (3k ryo)
Backpack (4 slots)
Sleeping Bag (warm)

Alignment: neutral good

Stats:(Max in one is 5, you get 15 points, minimum is 1 point)
Hand seals:3
Stamina(adds additional stamina/health):2

Techniques: (2000 points, different rank jutsu cost more points. E rank techniques are 1-100 points, D rank techniques are 101-300 points, C rank techniques are 301-500 points, B rank Techniques are 501-1000 points, Higher rank jutsu are more points but none of you will start with them so it doesn't matter. I will edit your sheet to add correct points so spend them thinking that it costs the maximum. Also The amount of points a jutsu requires may not reflect its chakra cost so if you 'buy' a jutsu for 300 points, the chakra requirement probably won't be 300, most likely it will be higher.)

Water Release: Hiding in the Mist Technique (D) (150) (150/50 Chakra)
Water Release: Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death (B) (750) (300 Chakra)
Water Release: Water Clone Jutsu (C) (350) (100/10)
Ice Release: Flash Freeze (B) (750) (50-350)
Wind Release: Guiding Gale (E)(50)(25) (Non-canon)
Water Release: Atmospheric Water Collector(D) (200)(100) (Non-Canon)
Substitution Jutsu (E) (20)(25)
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Yuzuki Yuki (G4)
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