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 (G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing)

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(G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing) Empty
PostSubject: (G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing)   (G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 4:59 pm

Health: 350/350

Chakra Meter: 287/550

Name: Shikouro Onore

(G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing) 7538211

Clan: Onore

Village Origin: Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)

Jutsu Specialty: Taijutsu – 4 (Bukijutsu(clan) / Ninjutsu - 4 (Chakra Flow(clan)

Chakra Type: Lightning (Affinity) / Water (Very basic)

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Description: No earring. Somewhat pointed teeth, imitating a sharks. Same clothes as Mangetsu, except the pants aren’t tucked into a sock and are instead down to the ankle and he doesn’t have the cloth wraps around his neck. He shows off dat neckbone. Ambidextrous.  (G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing) Hozuki_mangetsu___edo__by_vit_zerack-d7lwa6e

Backstory:  A stubborn child, Shikouro has always had high hopes and dreamt of becoming one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. However, his parents weren’t on the same wavelength as him, and constantly scolded him for his overtraining at such a young age. They also didn’t share with him the same wide-eyed expression when thinking about the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, but rather disgust. He was punished constantly for his aspirations.
One day, Shikouro’s father had found him training, but instead of instantly chastising him, sat back and observed. He saw how powerful his son was despite his young age, and saw that no matter the punishment they gave he’d continue to chase his dream.
His father began to help Shikouro in his training, doing what he could as a Mist Jounin to enhance his boy’s skills. He didn’t agree with what Shikouro hoped to accomplish, but really enjoyed the time with his son. With the help of his father, Shikouro approached his mother to pitch the idea. She was infuriated, and became a menace. Shikouro didn’t want to stop his training, and his father, knowing this, offered to allow him to leave this village and pursue his ninja training in another village.
With his father’s blessing and his dream in mind, Shikouro left with his sights on Konohagakure.

Height: 5’1” (Sasuke was approx. 5ft and Naruto approx. 4’9”. Average for IRL 13yr olds is 5ft. Have fun being giants!)

Weight: 92lbs

Mist Ninja Headband
Black Sleeveless Shirt
Gloves (Leather w/ good grip, latch buckle to put on)
Ninja Tabi
Tanto x2 (Small double edged katana. Unlike Konoha’s Root version, has sharp tip. Sheathed on center lower back)
Kunai Pouch

Small Scroll x2 (Two jars w/ preservation liquids)
Spool of String (Type used in Ninja traps)
Explosive Tags x10
Kunai x10
Waterskin 12oz

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 3
Speed: 4
Ninja Gang Signs: 2
Stamina: 3

Techniques (1780/2000)
Water Manipulation (Basic control of water. Not harmful at all, more of a tool for distraction or a means of getting someone wet before using Lightning techniques.)
Rank: E / Point Cost: 30(10 upkeep) depending on purpose of water/amount

Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu (Covers the area in dense mist blah blah everyone knows this one.)
Rank D: / Point Cost: 150 (150/50 cost and upkeep)

Lightning Clone Substitution (As opposed to a log for his body replacement technique, Shikouro uses a clone infused with Lightning Chakra that, when attacked, will electrocute the opponent if a physical attack was used. The amount of chakra in the substitution isn’t much but a minor shock.)
Rank: D / Point Cost: 150 (50)

Lightning Chakra Flow (A mainstay for Shikouro’s fighting. He pumps his Lightning chakra into his Tanto, increasing their cutting power substantially. This makes it hard to blow his strikes. He will also employ this technique when throwing kunai.)
Rank: C / Point Cost: 350 (40 upkeep on Tanto (per Tanto being charged) / 25 per kunai / 50 to charge string trap)

Lightning Release: Static Magnet (Allows Shikouro to use Lightning chakra to attract specific metal. Works better if it’s metal he has pumped his Lightning Chakra into before. This allows easy retrieval of kunai/his Tanto, if they should be tossed away.)
Rank: C / Point Cost: 350 (Scales w/ object size, Kunai: 25, Tanto: 50)

Lightning Release: Twin Fang (Shikouro runs one Tanto down the other, pumping a huge amount of Lightning chakra into both blades. The lightning chakra is enough to where you see the lightning form and extend up and beyond the blade’s length (increasing range and power without increasing weight). The lightning part of the blade can’t be blocked. A subversion of this is Lightning Release: Canine which is where he uses only one Tanto, and by doing this, allows for greater size/range.)
Rank: B / Point Cost: 750 (200 w/ 50 upkeep for Twin, 125 w/ 25 upkeep for Canine)

Shikouro’s fighting style, as you can see from the above, is pretty much all out offense and that every little thing matters. He lacks any real ranged techniques and relies practically solely on his hand to hand and ninja tools. However, he is very adept at these things, so his downsides are negligible in an ideal scenario. His Taijutsu style without weapons focuses on having contact with the foe without putting himself in danger. His strikes and blocks/parries pump electricity into the opponent, messing with their movements and, if enough, disabling them much like a taser.
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(G4) Shikouro Onore (Metaphysical Lightning is totally a thing)
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