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 BLAME! Announcement post

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PostSubject: BLAME! Announcement post   BLAME! Announcement post Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 1:05 am

BLAME! Announcement post GyrtM7A
note to brandon: this is for fun, and it looks better on a forum where i can share it. i don't plan to make a game out of this at the moment, we have 2 running already. you can delete it if you want, just tell me before you do if you would be so kind

The Setting:

BLAME! Announcement post 9ByZZWP

A futuristic world in an indeterminate time. BLAME! is set in a pseudo-dystopian universe at some point in the future where mankind has on the large uploaded themselves into a combined database known as the Net Sphere. At some point, however, the Net Sphere was thrown into chaos, and it's protectors the Safeguard went from simply preventing unauthorized users from entering, to killing any and all who do not possess the "Net Terminal Gene," which is essentially everyone. What is left is a massive megastructure, that is self-building and self contained. It's known by most as "The City," and has been on a continued cycle of unhalted growth. So far, none with the Net Terminal Gene have appeared to access the Net Sphere to stop the City's unwanted expansion, and to end the Safeguard's programming.

The Net Sphere is rumored to be located at Earth's original placement. The City has grown to well past the outer reaches of Jupiter's orbit, and it's origin point is theoretically at Earth, so the ultimate goal would be to travel to the center of the megastructure. However, between the self-replicating Safeguard, the malevolent Silicon Life, and various other mysteries throughout, reaching the center proves to be a near impossible task. Which is where the characters come in.

The Playable Factions/Races:

(Note that when I say abilities, I'm just not expanding on those as of yet. I included them to help establish where they stand in power rankings if we were to make it into a game.)


BLAME! Announcement post Sanakan_by_anastasiamorning-d5qehny
A peculiar set of Safeguard have been know to malfunction upon creation, giving them free will. These Safeguard do not possess the murderous intent of their fellows, and as such can act as allies to the various tribes and others in The City. They are also safe from other Safeguard, who will not attack them on sight until they have attacked them, or until they have made some large change to their own function, such as connecting with a human to share memories or information. They have modual and customizable bodies, and the ability to access many of The City's various machines and AI, although anything sentient will be extremely wary of them. Safeguard are a very good middle-of-the-road pick, as they have strong bodies with great combat features, are more customizable than humans, and can use a wide array of weapons and tech with ease. However, their regeneration is the weakest of the three, and they will not receive any ready help from any other race, tribe, or AI.

Silicon Life (Cyborgs):

BLAME! Announcement post 220524-blame7_large
Silicon Life are the most alien of the beings in The City. They are consciousnesses that are uploaded into completely modular robotic bodies, usually after their original bodies were destroyed and their consciousness was recovered by another person. Many Silicon life were also created when the Net Sphere went into chaos, and their minds were rejected and thrown into ready-made bodies somewhere in the megastructure. The disjoint would have made them lose all memories from the Net Sphere, and now that the Safeguard refuses them re-entry, many have grown angry and seek to destroy the Net Sphere and the Safeguard itself. As Cyborgs, they are extremely strong and capable of altering their own bodies in many different ways, to the point of being able to assimilate with machinery or to transform into grotesque metal monsters. For the most part, they carry melee weapons to utilize the full potential of their strength. They are also rejected by most AI and programs within the megastructure. All in all, their highly resilient, powerful, modular bodies make them the best base-pick, however they will have to brute-force their way through many areas, and do not have access to the weapons and technology of the other races.

Augmented Humans:

BLAME! Announcement post Blame%21.full.1846628
Augmented humans are just what they sound like: Humans with augmentations. They still have their base body, but have massive genetic modifications that separates them greatly from normal humans. Their brains are modular, and are mainly used as computers to store their consciousness. Their body parts are reinforced and created in such a way that they can be easily repaired on the fly, through methods that are not explained in the Manga. But if they lose an arm, they can recreate that arm or reattach it in almost no time, whereas Silicon Life would have to fashion a new one from nearby metal, or Safeguard would have to use temporary patching until they could spend time with a more permanent solution. They are heavily reliant on augmentations and weapons, and their bodies are not as strong as the other races, however their rapid regeneration and possible access to the strongest weaponry make them a high-risk high-reward class.
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BLAME! Announcement post
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