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 Character Sheet: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva)

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Character Sheet: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva) Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva)   Character Sheet: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 2:33 am


Stability/Health: 460/535

Shields: 15

Patch Rate/Regeneration Rate: (read character lore stuff in above thingy): 5/5

Race: Silicon Life

Name: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva pronounced Ava)

Face Claim: Character Sheet: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva) Eva_un11

Gender: Male

Age : 500

Description: Has four arms. But two of them are bound to his chest until he decides to use them. A childlike version of himself is attached to his back and can be unattached when needed, though it is without a consciousness.

Backstory: Eva-Protonorbit Odur lived a long life within the mega-structure, assimilating only the finest of metals and becoming an unstoppable monstrosity, that is until he was confronted with a safeguard named Seu. Eva enjoyed fighting Seu, though soon after the fighting began he disengaged himself from the silicon life hive mind to ensure that he could continue to fight for as long as he wished without interruption.

Eva fought for years on end, he would destroy all but the self repairing mechanism of the safeguard and then cease all of his unnecessary functions until his foe had regenerated. This turned out to be his downfall, as each time the safeguard regenerated, it had more and more augmentations that made it more capable to fight Eva. After three hundred years of this cycle, the safeguard found a way to hack Eva's consciousness, and removed all knowledge of his precious assimilation. Seu also disabled Eva's consciousness and removed the memories of their three hundred year long battle, leaving him alive as Eva had done so many times for him.

Eva slept in the cavernous location that his battle had taken place at for nearly a century until his consciousness had finally been restored from all the damage Seu has caused. Though as he awakened he could feel his knowledge of assimilation slipping, he designed to use the strongest of the metal in his body to create a strong body before his assimilated metal was completely beyond him. Almost as soon as he finished condensing the metal into a body that he could use, all of the metal that wasn't within his 'core' was shed as his assimilation completed its removal.

Height: 10'

Weight: 400

Energy Module: Kinetic Gravitational Momentum Capturing Device: Gathers energy from continuous movement. Better the higher the gravity is. Movement augments still consume energy. Obviously doesn't retrieve energy when you're not moving.

(Only gains energy when moving. 5/10/15 energy/turn for every turn you run or jump in, goes up or down depending on gravity)

Starting Weapon:


Kinetic Multiplier Gauntlets(Gloves that make hit hard): "Gauntlets" which have been enhanced, allowing for the kinetic force produced by the users arms to be multiplied by 10-100%. The "Gauntlets" appear as if Eva is wearing skintight gloves with protrusions fanning outwards as they reach the upper forearm.

(4 energy for 10%, 40 for 100%)


Cranial Implant: The Zone: Activation allows the user to perform at close to their maximum potential, keeping some skill from actions done while affected once the effect ends. (15 Energy)

Ocular Implant: Kinetic Evisceration Beam(Eye lasers): Eva takes either the energy from his Implanted battery, or the energy his molecules create from friction, and uses it to fire a beam which can extend up to 500ft and cut through most materials, but rapidly consumes energy

(10 energy to start it, 2/4/6/8/10 continuous energy per. turn depending on intensity and length.)

Starting Augment: Speed and strength,

Transformation: [Speed Mode] Eva bends forward and changes the direction his elbows face, while also changing the direction of his knees. Eva is able to do this while he has all of his arms out.

Alignment: Kind of upset because his parents killed themselves. I am the net sphere, but I'm actually just insane. I change sides because I don't like to commit to things.(Neutral, does what he wants in general)

Tech. Ability: 5
Strength: 30 (maximum punch is 975 tons of impact force) standing still)
Speed: 30 (0-80mph 1 sec, 360mph max speed)
Charisma: 10
Energy: 5/40

Force Augment:

Kinetic: 2

Nuclear: 7

Kinetic Energy Maximization Device(Berserk): Eva is able to increase the kinetic energy produced by the atoms in his body, allowing him to move faster, hit harder, and take less damage. Activation costs 75 health, 10 energy, lasts for 5 turns, and forces transformation. (30% more damage, 25% faster, takes 20% less damage. Extra chance to rip through things, situational.)

"He hits like a fucking planet." - Cade 2015
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Character Sheet: Eva-Protonorbit Odur(Eva)
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