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 Character Sheet: Milos Ephyran

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Character Sheet: Milos Ephyran Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet: Milos Ephyran   Character Sheet: Milos Ephyran Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2015 2:37 pm


Stability/Health:  300

Shields:  30

Patch Rate/Regeneration Rate:  1/5

Race: Safeguard

Name:  Milos Ephyran

Face Claim:

Gender: Male

Age:  300

Description:  Shorter than average safeguard with a broad, expanded chest and "muscular" features, albeit all appearances made of metal. Nanomachines swarm his body, which look like trails of ants running along his arms and legs. A small rectangular tank on his back stores some nanomachines.  There are small ports all over his body where he releases these machines, and his hands glow slightly with energy.  Railgun is stored on his back when not in use. Scattergun pops out of a hatch that opens up from his right side. He has several pockets that expand from his chest, almost like drawers. He keeps his sentry gun, which looks like a flat box when folded up, in one of these drawers. His boots pick up metal from the floor (nanomachines on the bottom) and push it into his body, where the metal is converted into nanomachines and stored in his tank.

Backstory: Another one of the rogue safeguard, Milos experimented with small machines, getting smaller and smaller until they were almost invisible save for the tiny blinking lights. Having been built for battle, he figured out how to weaponize them, creating his scattergun and upgrading his railgun and bulwark sentry as a result.  Milos figured he could fix the Netsphere and his fellow safeguards with this new technology, but he realized reprogramming a safeguard or fixing silicon life is way, way harder than reprogramming his own machines.  So he's going to have to reach the core, and if his own kind gets in the way, well... that's unfortunate.

Height:  5'10

Weight:  300

Energy Module: Electromagnetic Wave Preservation Device: Stores energy from ambient electromagnetic waves. takes a while to fully charge, or can be fully charged by applying concentrated electromagnetic waves into it directly.

(10/turn, 25 if you spend a turn.)


Modded Railgun:  A powerful weapon that fires mass at alarming speeds using electromagnetic energy to propel the projectile through the barrel.  The result is a devastating kinetic energy weapon that relies on EM energy.  The heat generated by firing is used to melt scrap metal, used to 3D print more ammunition.  The weapon must be charged for maximum damage. An auto-aim system helps increase accuracy when firing at enemies marked by hostile nanomachines.

(4,000 ft/s, 10 energy for full charge. No reload speed as long as you have nanobots collecting material.)


Bulwark Sentry:  Deployable machine that unfolds into a floating sentry gun with a powerful deflector shield.  Its EM thrusters are strong  enough to carry the weight of an average safeguard, albeit slowly. Otherwise it can move quickly; while it normally orbits Milos it can be ordered to protect someone else marked with Milos' nanomachines. Can be remotely enabled and disabled. Fires a steady high-powered beam, prioritizing targets marked as hostile, then fires at moving heat signatures not marked as friendly.  

(15 energy to activate, CD is 5 turns)

Nanobot Scattergun:  Fires a large amount of programmed nanomachines.  These bots magnetically seek out, latch onto, and devour metal.  If fired at very close range (<6 ft), the force of the ejected nanomachines causes damage while destroying the tiny robots.  At about 15-20 feet, friction with the air causes the nanomachines to stop and form a cloud that looks like dust that will attack anything metal that comes close, marking it as hostile (unless only a tiny portion latches on, like what falls on the floor).  The bots will not attack anything previously marked as friendly with Milos' nanomachines; instead, they return the stolen metal to damaged allies to repair damage to armor. They don't move very far though; the target hit by the nanomachines releases them locally as they consume material, and allies must walk through the new nanocloud for repair.  Does not have to be fired at an enemy, anything metal can be devoured. Nanomachines are reloaded by putting the gun back into its storage hatch, where a new "clip" is automatically fed into it.

Safeguard Specific:   Hacking AI (for machinery and computers, as well as hacking certain safeguard machines)
Shield Boost (Basically +10 to base shield level without taking away energy)

Alignment:  Beneficent, wants to reprogram the Netsphere and fix all the bad problems and mistakes that have occurred since its creation.

Tech. Ability: (Effects hacking, relations with AI, ability to use machinery) 30
Strength/Fortitude:  10
Speed:  5
Charisma:  8
Energy:  37

Force Augment:
Electromagnetism: 9

Nanomachine Manipulation:  Milos can create nanomachines in his body, and he can move and manipulate nanomachines within a reasonable distance (200 ft direct control) using electromagnetic force.  He can hold a small cloud of nanomachines like a ball in his hand and reprogram them, giving them to an ally and marking him as friendly, affecting interactions with Milos' weapons.  Alternatively he can push a cloud of hostile nanomachines into an enemy, like an augmented punch.  Milos can reprogram these machines remotely if he wants to change a target from hostile to friendly or vice versa.  Nanomachines can't move far or quickly on their own.  They can be seen in numbers by the tiny lights they generate, about 1/10th the strength of a lightning bug.

(25 Energy to create a full amnt. of nanobots and takes 3 in combat turns to make. Can use them as they're made but will be reduced effectiveness (each turn you wait is 1/3 stronger, since it's 3 turns to get all of them together.)
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Character Sheet: Milos Ephyran
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