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 Doru Thorne

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PostSubject: Doru Thorne   Doru Thorne Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2015 4:58 am

*Name: Doru Thorne

*Race: Vampire

*Face Claim: Doru Thorne Say_my10

Class: Herald of Destiny

Gender: Male

Age: 20,000

Description: Same but with longer hair, and three black bars pierce his noes horizontally as well as a black ring in his lip. Red crescent moon tattoo on his chest and back. His eyes glow excessively red when uncovered from his blindfold.


Doru was one of few born during the time of the ice age. Some of his family died as the years continued and the humans killed them. Doru has since gained great infamy by turning humans to his undead army. Doru has sat aside as kingdoms rose and fell, Biding his time until his time comes. One night during a full moon, Doru ordered his followers to spread throughout the world and outlive him, they were free to attack him in order to fulfill his challenge.

Many battles were held between Doru and his children, after many centuries he managed to kill off the ones that had hoped to fight him, leaving only the ones who planned to wait. This left Doru with little to do, and he has since disguised himself as a beggar in a major city, blindfolding himself and using the Orb of Sight that one of his soldiers plundered during the destruction of a certain kingdom.

Extended Backstory:

Height: 6'6

Weight: 180

*-Arm Armor (Haemokinetic)
- Ragged Black Cloak(+1 evasion)
- Brass Knuckles (+1 Charisma)
- Ragged Black Pants(-1 defense)
- Orb of Sight(red)(artifact found during his life, lets Doru see through it instead of through his eyes.)(+1 charisma)
- Black Blindfold (covers his eyes, making it so people can't identify that he is a vampire just from his eyes)(no effect)

- Empty Cup(For mugging people)(Almost broken)
- Vial of Blood 2.5(1 full, one half, one Naegling)
- 8 silver coins(currency= 1g is 20s, 1s is 10c)
- Vampire Coin (heads is a bat face, tails is a drop of blood)(very old but still in new condition)
- Ultra Heavy Metal Bar(artifact found during his life, an incredibly heavy bar of metal, as slightly longer than Doru's palm length. Throwing a punch while this is held can be very dangerous for the recipient)(no effect)

*Transformation: Wings, Stone

*Expertise: Transformation and Vampire Abilities

- Telekinesis(Medium Telekinetic ability, allowing Doru to move and throw objects, as well as breaking the bones of average humans, takes additional stamina to increase strength)
- Transformation: Wings(Doru grows bat-like wings from his back that allow him to fly) (moderate stamina cost)
- Transformation: Stone(Doru turns a part or the whole of his body to stone, though any stone piece broken off is unable to be regenerated) (high stamina cost, also weight makes flying more difficult)
- Summon Bats(Doru calls a swarm of bats from nearby with his power, 1/100 chance one of them is a vampire) (low to medium cost)
- Heartseeker Punch(A very fast punch used to harvest the hearts of humans) (low cost)

- Sunlight Resistance (stats suffer reduced penalties during the day)
- Enhanced Speed (+2)
- Enhanced Strength (+2)
- Gets Horrible headaches when he uses his telekinesis too much (varying effects)
- Water is Acid
- Must Feed at least once a day. (else loses stamina rapidly)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Stats:(You get 70 points to spend in this area. You must have at least one point in each stat, and you don't have to use all of the points. Max you can put into one stat is 20, before age factors in. Additionally both races suffer reduced STR, DEX, and CON during the day.)

Strength: 7(9)
Dexterity: 10(12)
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 19
Wisdom: 23
Charisma: 10(12)

Lunar Counter: 10
3 - Stat Increase: Str
5 - Base Stamina Loss Reduction
6 - Stat Increase: Str
9 - Ability Upgrade: Telekinesis(more powerful)
10 - NEW Ability: Haemokinetic Constructs (typically weapons) (hardens blood into objects; can be used simultaneously with telekinesis.)
12 - Stat Increase: Str
14 - NEW Trait: Blade Proficiency(Doru is able to use most bladed weapons with ease)
15 - Stat Increase: Str
15 - Ability Stamina Cost Reduction: Telekinesis
18 - Ability Upgrade: Haemokinetic Constructs: Endless (Constructs made while under the effect of [Lunar Counter: 18] are permanently hardened allowing for continued use, even when the ability is 'unlearned.')
21 - Stat Increase: Str
24 - Stat Increase: Str
24 - NEW Ability: Bloodbending: using his telekinesis, and his advanced understanding of blood, DOru is able to manipulate other beings bodies with their own blood, if they have any. (Requires lots of stamina to affect large creatures)
25 - Ability Stamina Cost Reduction: Telekinesis
27 - Stat Increase x 2: Str/Dex
29 - NEW Trait: Stronger Telekinesis
30 - Stat Increase: Str
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Doru Thorne
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