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 G3 Adelar Lightguard

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PostSubject: G3 Adelar Lightguard   G3 Adelar Lightguard Icon_minitimeWed Apr 27, 2016 7:44 pm

*Adelar Lightguard

Alias: Paladin

Languages: English, German, French, Russian, a little Latin

*Face Claim:
G3 Adelar Lightguard 9wlsDte
G3 Adelar Lightguard 6kAxVei
Race: Parahuman


Mover 1
Brute 2
Master 1
Blaster 2
Thinker 2
Striker 7

*Gender: Male

Age: 32

Description: Typically carries a shield; armor glows brightly with the power of light causing discomfort to anyone that looks at him (unless he reduces the glow).  

Adelar was born into a somewhat wealthy family in Germany prior to the start of World War I, which started when he was about thirteen years old. Too young to be drafted yet old enough to witness the horrors that emerged from the hearts of evil men, Adelar developed a hatred for that darkness and disgusting malevolence of mankind. Adelar participated and strongly believed in the racism that developed in the years between World War I and World War II, and he adored the ideal of the perfect Aryan race.

Striving to reach this ideal and to support his beloved country in every way possible, Adelar strove and worked hard in his studies, depending on willpower and determination where intelligence wasn’t enough, so that he could become an officer in the burgeoning German military. As Hitler pointed out the Jews to be the inferior race, Adelar sought to crush and wipe out the impurities and evil of man straight from its source. Wiping out the helpless masses without a second thought, Adelar believed wholeheartedly that cleansing the impurity was the most just thing he could do. He heard not their pleading cries because all he saw was the darkness in their hearts. Any man too afraid to execute a prisoner as ordered was himself purged as unclean. Adelar sought the perfection of the Aryan race, and as such he had high expectations for his soldiers, who respected and followed him in awe of his zeal and courage.

Naturally this courage would get him into trouble; in a battle against the French early in the war, Adelar pushed his company too far into enemy lines and became trapped and surrounded in a small town, about to be recaptured by enemy forces. He told his troops not to surrender but to fight to the very last breath. His numbers dwindling, French soldiers made one final push into his encampment and severely injured him and a few high ranking soldiers with a couple grenades. His pistol was knocked aside, and before he could reach it his arms were restrained by soldiers, who looked to take him in; but one French officer recognized Adelar, and with a flash of fear and disgust drew his gun and took aim. Adelar noticed his fear and stared angrily into his eyes with contempt.

“Have you even the guts to kill me, sinner? I see the darkness in you, and you SHALL be purged!”

The man gulped, and, hands shaking, replied “You are darkness itself, and pure evil. I cannot let you live.”

Adelar hesitated for the briefest of moments, his heart pierced by this accusations of evil; in an instant, this doubt turned to infinite rage, and he threw away the men restraining him and charged with incredible speed straight at the officer. The officer fired immediately, but the bullet was deflected by a shining, radiant armor that now adorned Adelar’s body, and a sword blazing with light decapitated him, sending his skull (the flesh had burned off instantly) a dozen meters into the air. Adelar shouted “I AM LIGHT! The darkness shall be PURGED!” and in mere seconds all nearby enemy soldiers were engulfed in a blazing light, searing the flesh from their bones and exterminating them. He approached his wounded soldiers and grasped their arms, pulling them up and healing them from the glow of his hands. “Get up, brothers; there is much fighting left to do.” With mere words, their morale was restored, and they charged back into battle led by the unstoppable paladin, who destroyed his enemies with the sword and smote them with light, even tearing down a building with a single strike of his sword.
With his newfound power, Adelar believes he has achieved perfection and become the shining model of the Aryan race; as such, he fights with even greater zeal and seeks to purge darkness and evil once and for all from the world. He sees the Jews and Germany’s enemies as the first of the unclean to destroy.

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 200

German officer uniform:

Walther P38
Tome of purification (not magical, just a holy book)

Brute 1 – Photosynthesis
Mover 1, Brute 1, Thinker 2 – Legendary Fighter
Master 1 – People Converter
Blaster 2 – Force of Light
Striker 2 – Luminous Regeneration
Striker 5 – Photokinetic Constructs

Power drawbacks/tolls and power explanation(ie: what the power does):

Photosynthesis – In the presence of sunlight, Adelar recovers and does not need to eat. Adelar draws power from natural light and reduced power from artificial sources, but he does not recover from his own manifested light (see Constructs and Regeneration).

Legendary Fighter – Drawing on the power of light allows Adelar to:
      Mover 1 – move with fleet of foot and strike more quickly,
      Brute 1 – strike with much greater force,
      Thinker 2 – react quickly to his opponent’s movements, improving counterattacks, defense, and striking around opponent’s defense.

People Converter – Having “seen the light,” Adelar speaks with such conviction that he inspires and brings forth vigor in their hearts, compelling mortals to do as he says and convert to his beliefs. People with unusually strong convictions are hard to sway with mere words, and this has a lesser effect on parahumans.

Force of Light – Adelar can focus the power of light into condensed energy, creating an explosion or cutting through steel with high intensity lasers. Extended use of this power is draining, and it’s not particularly effective in darkness. Total darkness forces Adelar to draw from his own energy, both reducing the strength and rapidly draining his own.

Luminous Regeneration – Adelar can heal himself or others using light, even wounds beneath the surface. His hands start to glow with energy as he does this. His healing is not powerful enough to revive the dead, however, and he must be close to use this ability. Darkness also mitigates the effect somewhat. Light sourced from his constructs cannot be used to heal himself (he would be using his own life energy, negating the effect), but he can heal still others at noticeable cost to himself.

Photokinetic Constructs – At will, Adelar can turn light into tools, objects, and armor that manifest and maintain themselves even in darkness. These hardlight constructs are extremely durable and weightless, not impeding Adelar in the slightest. His Exalted Blade is frighteningly sharp, and he can create walls that effortlessly survive the impact of even v2 rockets. He can’t create anything with many moving parts as it would be too complicated to form, and they disappear should he fall unconscious or forget about them. These constructs glow brightly but that light does not support his healing or blaster powers.

Alignment: Lawful good: A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty. A Lawful Good nation would consist of a well-organized government that works for the benefit of its citizens.


Strength 9
Dexterity 9
Constitution 16
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18
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G3 Adelar Lightguard
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