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PostSubject: Rules fags   Rules fags Icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 2:57 pm

So like no god-moding. This means like saying that you dodge something, instead of saying you attempt to dodge, this mistake will result in you getting hit with whatever it is regardless of your stats or abilities. Now if you have an action you want to use to attempt to dodge the thing you have to say.

All rp has the potential to be rated, M (Mature)- For those of a mature level of thinking/writing-- Might include sexual or disturbing content not suited for younger audiences.

Read a topic thoroughly before posting in it (a full single read-through should be sufficient). Hopefully this should prevent any fatal miscommunication, as they can be the death of a good character.

Don't control another persons character.

If you disobey any of these rules I will give you two warnings then after that if it continues you will not be allowed to play any more.

No character is invincible

Don't make your post only one sentence, try at least two.
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Rules fags
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