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 Nation thread Template

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Nation thread Template Empty
PostSubject: Nation thread Template   Nation thread Template Icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 11:21 pm

Nation Name: Fuckin Faggots

Nation Flag: [Description or Img] (Optional)

Nation Culture: Gay

Nation Government: Theocracy

Nation Leader: osamabinfaggot

Nation Race: Sand Nigger(Can be most fantasy Races, just not something gay)

Stat points: Military–5, Economy-2, Culture-1 (Every nation starts with 8 stat points to distribute amongst the three stats above. Once done, it should look like that. Military affects starting military strength and level of starting units, economy affects starting economy buildings and level of buildings, culture affects starting cultural buildings and level thereof.)

(Select Three regions for this section, this is also where buildings. can be listed.) However the regions with O and P are unavailable to start in.

Characters: Provide names and/or desired titles for characters within your faction. (Names optional. You can have 6 characters who have stats which affect the game. These are Military, Diplomatic, and Governing. You can have a max of four characters having the same stat. Example: 4 Military, 2 Diplomatic, 0 Governing. Or 2 Military, 1 Diplomatic, 3 Governing, ect. Your leader DOES NOT count as a character, as he/she has skills in all stat areas.)

Nation bonuses: (Here, list two bonuses for your nation. You can leave it blank for a moderator to fill out though)

Total Production Points: (Filled out by a moderator)

Population Happiness: (Filled out by a moderator)

Army Morale: (Filled out by a moderator)

Unique Unit: Ex: Al gayda, these massive faggots bomb the shit out of you with their kamikaze techniques they learned from Muhamed. (Here, I want you to list a faction specific, or high tech unique unit for your nation. Provide a description.)

Army: (Spend your starting military production points on a military)
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Nation thread Template
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