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 Character Sheet (Kinda shit right now, suggestions welcome)

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Character Sheet (Kinda shit right now, suggestions welcome) Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet (Kinda shit right now, suggestions welcome)   Character Sheet (Kinda shit right now, suggestions welcome) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 1:10 am


Stability/Health:(7x Your strength, minus 20x Your regeneration rate.)

(base/max starting)Safeguard: 250

(base/max starting)Aug. Human: 300

(base/max starting)Silicon: 425

Shields: [Safeguard start with 20, aug. humans start with 10, silicon start with 15] (Same as armor but can be turned off, energy disappears faster the more you use shields. Idle shields use energy.)

Patch Rate/Regeneration Rate: (read character lore stuff in above thingy): 0/5 (5 would be instant patch in and out of combat, 0 would be not at all. Highly affects health. Is different for each race, ie. safeguard patch, fix later, silicon have to find a substitute part or make one, humans just auto do it but it takes energy. That's mostly lore stuff and whatnot)

Race: Safeguard, Silicon Life, Augmented Humans


Face Claim (I wouldn't recommend a picture because of nature of the race, but to each his own):

Gender (You probably don't have a penis or anything, but it's nice for the looks.):

Age (Nothing over 500 years):



Height:(optional, but recommended)

Weight:(optional, but recommended)

Energy Module: How you gather energy:

Electromagnetic Wave Preservation Device: Stores energy from ambient electromagnetic waves. takes a while to fully charge, or can be fully charged by applying concentrated electromagnetic waves into it directly.

Kinetic-Gravitational Bullshit Physics Force Device: Gathers energy from continuous movement. Better the higher the gravity is. Movement augments still consume energy. Obviously doesn't retrieve energy when you're not moving.

Nuclear Fission Device: Contains and breaks atoms to store the released energy. Takes time but regenerates more energy at once than the other options.

Choose 1 method, # of points in force determines effectiveness, (did this to fix a caveat with having expendable energy since there needed to be a way to store and retrieve energy that wasn't just magic.)

Starting Weapon: (You can make one up, or you can base it off of something. Has to be based off of some principal of science, but can be as far and as loosely plausible as you wish. Think on a pretty massive scale, melee stuff should be super strong and employ different forces and stuff. You can come up with literally what the fuck ever, like swords in swords and shit. Max of 3, with 1 main and 2 sides. Will be balanced. May edit this later. Would highly suggest looking at BLAME! source material for ideas. )

Starting Augment: Choose 2, Delete anything you didn't choose

Safeguard Specific: Flight (can be jet, anti-gravity, any way you can think of flying. most forms will take energy), Hacking AI (for machinery and computers, as well as hacking certain safeguard machines), shield and armor augments (these do not affect your weight. this is mostly a + thing, max of +5), Teleportation (takes shit ton of energy but super useful. no you can't just teleport to the net sphere, that would require 999999999999999999999999 energy)

Aug. Human Specific: Flight (same as safeguard but silicon life can't fly), Backup life (if you die you can recreate your body after a certain amount of time at a station, usually located in a settlement.)

Silicon life specific: Transformation (can change shape into weird forms, including weapons.), Assimilation (can combine with other silicon life (dead or alive) or machinery if they find it. Takes time.)

Basic: (anyone can have)

Speed and strength (boosts of speed or super strength. by nature of the game you're already at base very strong, even with 1 strength (which is base normal human level) so these give you a bonus. Pick this and you get +10 to each stat)

Shield Boost (Basically +10 to base shield level without taking away energy)

Alignment:(This boils down to what happens when you get to the Net Sphere, and how people treat you/you treat them. Just basically say whether you plan to kill everyone you come across, or be nice, and whether you destroy the Net Sphere or save it. This can change or whatever as game goes on)

Stats:(80 points, 1 is base human level for everything except charisma, which is just normal. Just assume everything is arbitrary and ask me to come up with shit)
Tech. Ability: (Effects hacking, relations with AI, ability to use machinery)
Strength/Fortitude: (How hard you hit, how hard you can get hit, etc.)
Speed: (Effects chances to dodge basically)
Charisma: (What it usually does. Automatic -5 for being a safeguard or silicon.)
Energy: Base 15 (Is effectively stamina, however if you take damage while your shields are up you lose more energy than normal. If you go to 0, all non-conventional weaponry will cease working, shields will go down, and things such as flight and super speed won't work.)

Force Augment: I'll balance this. This is the special part. As far as this game goes, there are 3 fundamental forces: Gravity, Electromagnetism, and Nuclear (we aren't gonna differentiate between weak and strong nuclear.). There will be many weapons in the game that use one of these forces, and your strength in them gives you resistances to them, as well as allowing you to create or use related weapons better. Best of all, you get one ability related to the force you prioritize. For example, if you pick gravity, you could make it so the gravity around you or someone else is lesser or greater, allowing you to move more easily or slow their movements. If you pick electromagnetism, you could fuck with machinery and electricity. If nuclear, you could possibly cause small explosions with atoms, or maybe take the energy from atoms to replenish your own. Just be fuckin creative or some shit, look them up and learn science shit IDK. MAX 9 points

NEW: Your force also now determines how energy is gathered



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Character Sheet (Kinda shit right now, suggestions welcome)
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